The staff of neverending frost is a staff in the catalog.when used will get blue fire on it and will throw a snowflake. Every snowflake deals 1/4 damage to enemies and will freeze them on ice for 3 seconds.

the player on ice will get its health drained and will stop when the 1/4 of health is complete.

This gear is found in a low-popular game named Wizzard Tycoon. There the Q special ability

its not found but in other games, if you press Q a expanding ice shokwave moving 8 kmph more that a normal player. If a player enters the ice shokwave that will expand for 6 seconds the player wont be able to escape and will get its health drained up to death, and will slow down to 5. The player will die before its health gets completly drained and will turn into ice upon death. The player will die when a 1/4 oh its health its drained so

if the player has 1/4 health or less he will take more damage, and he will turn itno ice upon dying. Forcefielded wont be slowen down or take any damage. The same is with the player who caused the ice shockwave. if two players are battling with this staff and the ice shok waves touch each other, both shockwaves will ignore any forcefield effect. The ice shockwave will have snowflake efects, the same size as the throwing snowflake. If the shockwave ends and a player was on it, its health draining will continue. This ability is similar to the normal one of another staff but that other staff has a insane infinite fast shockwave that will stay there for 10 seconds, will set players on ice and they wont take damage but their cammera will spin around super fast witch is good for combos. the normal staff has a small ice wand down and a small pile of snow up with a snowflake floating up.

Neverending Frost Staff
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