Fleskhjerta was a very famous user. He was famous for filming the ROBLOX Blooper series.



Fleskhjerta began his time on ROBLOX on February 24, 2007. He started creating an obstacle course called "Fleskhjerta's I WANNA BE THE SUPERSTAR!" (inspired by the infamous, devilishly difficult freeware game, I Wanna Be The Guy), and after he created that obstacle course, he began to rise into stardom and fame. Later on, he bought Builders Club and began to bring in loads of famous places such as "Fleskhjerta's Blooper Studio" and then he started creating advertisments for his places and he became wildly know for his places and name.

Youtube Fame

On November 5, 2007, Fleskhjerta shocked many ROBLOX users when he posted a video about ROBLOX onYouTube . Fleskhjerta began to rise in fame days later

Stalker Problems

However, a problem slowly developed: Fleshkjerta complained about users visiting every place he went to, so they can ask if he could visit their place. He warned to the stalkers that he will quit ROBLOX if they won't stop sending him messages and donations. However, the stalkers didn't listen to the warning and Fleshkjerta got so annoyed with the situation that he couldn't handle it anymore. Luckily for him, his account got deleted in late 2008 after a user (Heroton2008) reported him for making two inappropriate models.

Account Deletion

Fleshkjerta had his account deleted on October 17, 2008 due to the creation of inappropriate models.

After Deletion

After Fleshkjerta was deleted, he went back to making non-ROBLOX YouTube videos. He argued here and there that he made his model a long time ago, and even made a Hitler meme to rage on. Many ROBLOX users had argued that he still made it, and he has to pay the consequences. Fleshkjerta, after deletion, still managed to make videos up until this day. He even makes Youtube Poops.

Incorrect, is just a wanna-be.

Fleskhjerta has also risen to fame once again from another online game (NOT COPIED OFF ROBLOX) - Minecraft!

Fun Facts

Gmod video maker uberman765's brother is fleskhjerta and just like fleskhjerta he's famous but he plays other games like Gmod or Team Fortress 2

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