русская армия, also known as Russian Army, is a Roblox superclan founded by NerfModder and currently led by AlexeiClif.

With more than 35,000 people in the group, it is one of the oldest clans on ROBLOX that remains active, having been founded in 2012. The group gained fame back in the early years of Roblox with Nerfmodder through his zombie survival games. RA bases were among the most visited places on ROBLOX (4-5M visits on Moscow in 2012, a record at the time) and frequented the front page. From 2014 to 2018 under Treys1 the group maintained it's fame through extreme levels of discipline and NKVD, the law division. NKVD was regarded as one of the longest and most extreme lawbooks on Roblox. As of 2020 the group, under the leadership of the 7th President of RA AlexiClif, seeks to modernize after a restructuring of divisions, ranks, and bases which has seen the gorup retain it's place among the community.

What makes RA unique is the focus on both the military simulation roleplay aspect which leads to high activity and also maintaining elite raiding and defending divisions and fun to raid bases for the clan/skills aspect. 

As of 2020 RA has been mentioned multiple times in different tier listings of the Gun Clan community and appears among the higher tier clans.[1]

Leadership History

The Russian Army, also known as "RA", was founded by NerfModder on March 12, 2012. Its primary forts were fictionally located in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The group was led by Penguinhardy from December 9, 2012 to February 14, 2013, then again by NerfModder. On February 9, 2014, NerfModder passed the group to Treys1, who remained as the leader until January 1st, 2020 - Eventually handing the group over to AlexeiClif. NerfModder, who later wanted the group back, claimed that Treys1 refused to transfer it back to him, and consequently created a new group, The Umbrella Corporation (Umbrex). Treys responded by saying that Nerf, when handing the power over to him, told him not to give the group back. NerfModder was known to have battled depression, and he committed suicide on June 3, 2015.[2]



GRU Logo


The Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) is the Russian Army's primary intelligence and counterintelligence division and handles certain legal affairs for the Army. GRU operatives are trained to investigate and eliminate any potential threats to the internal security of the Russian Army and providing advice on foreign and domestic policies that can affect the Army.

Military Police

Military Police Logo

Military Police

The Military Police is tasked with guarding certain buildings, gates and enforcing ACJ (Army Code of Justice). The Military Police works closely together with FSB and GRU. Every member within Military Police is expected to have a good knowledge of RA Law and make reports on those that do not or refuse to abide by it. The Military Police makes sure that visitors and RA members are protected.

Spetsnaz Logo

Spetsnaz Logo


Spetsnaz is the main elite fighting force of the Russian Army and is a priority in terms of raiding other groups. Spetsnaz requires the operators to be well versed in all forms of combat; firearms and otherwise. Spetsnaz as a division will always be the first ones to take the call of war, the first ones to assault, the fist of the Russian Army vanguard.


FSB Logo


The FSB involves itself with the protection of high ranking officials, maintaining secure perimeters within its homeland bases and dealing with internal security matters within the Russian Army. They serve as the main special security force of the Russian Army. FSB also supports the Military Police officers whenever they request assistance. FSB is the elite of the Russian Army.


RUS Logo


The experienced development group behind the continuous advancement of the Russian Army, RUS. Members of RUS ensure all Russian Army-operated structures and bases are maintained and updated regularly to ensure effective operation of the army. RUS handles the construction, maintenance, testing, and quality of any and all Russian Army bases and all affiliated assets.

NKVD: The NKVD is a special division in RA. It is the oldest, and its job is to gather intelligence about the enemy, and about certain RA members. NKVD has since been disbanded and has been replaced by GRU, a more modern and up to date intelligence agency.



  • Nuclear Launch Facility 9, otherwise known as Ultimatum, is the Russian Army's Nuclear Command Center, operating in Eastern Russia. Ultimatum & its personnel constantly communicate with and are monitored by Outpost Frostbite to ensure proper operation of the facility and keep it secure.
  • The base is made up of 3 different sections. Each section has 2 terminals A and B of 60 seconds each. Raiders will have 15 minutes on a section to secure A and B before moving on to the next section. If they are unable to capture both in time, the raid will end.


  • The "Ultimatum" Nuclear Launch Control Center, otherwise known as Warhead, is the Russian Army's nuclear missile launch command & control center, operating in Eastern Russia. Warhead operations are halted and all science personnel are evacuated during any active hostile breach of the facility with security forces being deployed immediately.
  • Warhead has 3 phases:
    • Phase A: Raiders must secure the containment cells (300 second terminal) to free 2 additional raiders (prisoners) that are captured by RA at the beginning of the raid
    • Phase B: Raiders, now spawning in RA's previous spawn, must fight their way deeper into the facility to capture a warehouse (600 second terminal)
    • Phase C: Raidrs must locate a hacking device by destroying crates in the crate room. Afterwards it must be carried into the final terminal room and planted (1200 second terminal) while RA defends


  • Warhead is the seconed phase of Ultimatum, taking place directly below the nuclear silos below the third section of Ultimatum


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