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The first edition of the Bloxy Awards were held during the 2013 BLOXCon event. This Hall of Fame spanned four BLOXCons (London, New York City, Chicago, and a virtual BLOXCon) and had over 20 awards.[1]

BLOXY 2013.png

The first part was a part of the Roblox Film Festival, where players submitted videos that fell into one of five categories:

  1. Chicago/London/New York City (2 minutes max): Represent Chicago, IL, London, UK, or New York, NY
  2. Short Film/Machinima (3 minutes max): Original short story – drama, action, comedy, etc. – built with Roblox machinima
  3. Trailer (90 seconds max): Create a trailer for a game, movie or television series – real or totally fictitious
  4. Commercial (30 seconds max): Create the ultimate commercial, highlighting Builders Club or the limitless possibilities of Roblox
  5. Building/physics showcases (1 minute max): Footage of yourself building something awesome – a place or physics contraption (e.g., Rube Goldberg machine) – and speed the footage way up to show the whole process

After the videos were submitted, players had a week-long voting period to vote for the nominees of each video category. Roblox Staff then announced the nominees for each BLOXCon, meaning that each BLOXCon would have a winner for each video category.[2]

The second part of the Bloxy awards was a Hall of Fame where administrators gave awards to Roblox builders. Like with the Roblox Film Festival, players had the opportunity to vote for the winners.


BLOXCon Chicago [3]

Category Nominees Winner
ROBLOX Film Festival
Building Showcase Hand of Hephaestus by Ratwise
ROBLOX Commercial “Limitless Possibilities” by dom2d2
City-Themed Short Chicago Tourist Guide by Ravenshield
Short Film/Machinima Boardroom Suggestion by SuperSy, Dino77 and bunnybunn263
Trailer Builderman by spideyrulz
Hall of Fame
Most Active Group First Encounter Assault Recon
Top Earning Game Sword Fighting Tournament by TheGamer101
Best Recreation of a Real-World Place City of Rome, Italy by Juliane14 and ITA
Users' Choice, Best Survival Game Apocalypse Rising by Gusmanak
Users’ Choice, Most Creative Game: The Stalker by CloneTrooper1019
Place of the Year The Wind by asimo3089

BLOXCon London

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BLOXCon New York City

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Virtual BLOXCon

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