The game's thumbnail.

During April Fools' Day 2014, a place was created by the Games account. This place's thumbnail was inspired off popular ways builders often get to the front page, such as fake thumbnails, Justin Bieber, and poor graphics quality. Users who visited this place and collected the Egg of Destiny Badge later received the Egg of Destiny.

The Video

During April Fools 'Day 2014, a video was uploaded on YouTube. The video said that Roblox would be switching player models from humans to cats. The video was also part of an article in the Roblox blog. Most of Roblox read the article, so the community went crazy arguing if it was an April fools or not. Later, Roblox added a "Happy April Fools' Day" to the video, proving that it was an April fools' joke.


The egg's badge.

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