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The 2014 BLOXY awards was a video contest held by Roblox. In it you could make Roblox movies and apply it to Roblox, the best video creators got BLOXY prizes. There were four movie categories that you could apply with.


Long-form Machinima

Tell a story, it might be about anything you can imagine as long as it is filmed in the Roblox engine(or it uses Roblox assets in 3D graphics software).

Length: 2 – 5 minutes.

Short-form Machinima

Make a movie trailer into Roblox, or tell a story. Again the only rule is that it has to be filmed in the Roblox engine(or use Roblox assets in 3D graphics software).

Length: 45 – 90 seconds.

Music video

Create a music video for a song using Roblox as the visual medium. You can write your own original music (about anything, including Roblox) or make a music video for an existing song.

Length: 1 – 4 minutes.

Major league (Roblox) gaming

Record yourself playing Roblox and record your most dramatic clips then edit them together with exciting music and whatever other effects you like.

Length: 30 – 60 seconds.


There where 18 winners of 2014s BLOXY awards.