2014 hat

The 2014 hat that tricked many players into buying another one.

2015 April Fools day wasn't a really big event, however, there were two silly jokes that Roblox pulled. One of the April Fools jokes was that Roblox made a "new" hat calling it "Fool Baseball Cap 2015". Roblox claimed that this hat was "totally different design from last years..." as it was referring to 2014 hat "April Fool". However, comparing to both hats, they were the same and many players fell for it and bought it. The people that were tricked into buying were the ones owning the 2014 hat. However, this hat came useful for the new players who never obtained the 2014 hat. Roblox then tweeted out
"You wanted old Roblox back, you got it. Check out our sweet "new" look! #BringBackOldRoblox"
showing a vine of 2 players playing what seems to be a Roblox 2008 simulator. The tweet received criticism in its comments, some containing vulgar words, and even some threatening to quit.
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