The 2016 April Fools Day event involved Roblox publishing two blog posts, the first a fake post on Roblox developing their platform on the Sega Genesis and the second one being the game Roll Up 10000 Stairs for Super Admin Obby Dream Land .

They also released the Fool Baseball Cap 2016 hat, which was part of the April Fools Day event in 2015 and 2014. Roblox claimed that it was a different design from the past 2 years, but looking closely shows they are, in fact, the same. It provided an opportunity for players who didn't obtain the Fool Baseball Cap 2015 (unlike the older versions of the same hat, the only changes was the price, costing only 1 Robux). There are now 3 April Fools Day baseball caps.

A Twitch event also took place, with prizes to be won. The admins played games, which many players couldn't find, leading some to suspect they were made solely for the purpose of an April Fools joke.

Although not planned by Roblox, several game developers changed their games titles and thumbnails, as well as releasing some April Fools Day-exclusive content. One example of this is the FPS game Phantom Forces, where the developers added a setting to turn on aimbot, which would have given you an immense advantage were it not for the fact that it was available to everyone.

An item for tixaplooza was also released, but it was not an April fools item and it was still available after April 1st, 2016. Many players speculated that the tickets removal was this years April fools joke.