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24kGoldn El Dorado Concert Experience was a virtual concert event that started on March 21, 2022, and ended on March 27, 2022. The American rapper and singer 24kGoldn sponsored the event to promote his songs In My Head and Mood alongside other pieces from his album El Dorado. It was in collaboration with Gamefam and distributed by Sony.[1] The event experience opened on March 21, 2022, and included various activities to do before the show starts, including a 24kGoldn-related theme challenge and a scavenger hunt. The first concert was held on March 25, 2022, at 4 PM PST, with it being re-aired hourly across the weekend.[2]



24kGoldn Concert Trailer - Roblox

The trailer for the event.


24kGoldn - Roblox Concert Experience

The full concert.


Name Image Creator/Group
24kGoldn Concert Experience
24kGoldn Concert Experience.png
24kGoldn Official Group

Participating experiences

Name Image Creator/Group
Twilight Daycare
Twilight Daycare.png
Nighty Studio
Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands
UD ElDoradoChallenge.png
All Star Tower Defense
All Star Tower Defense-thumbnail.png
Top Down Games
Build to Survive Simulator
Build to Survive Simulator.png
Fun Jumps
24kGoldn RoBeats.png
Military Tycoon
24kGoldn MilitaryTycoon.png
Car Dealership Tycoon
Car Dealership Tycoon.png
Foxzie's Productions
Build a Boat to Survive!
Build a Boat to Survive!.png
Dashing Builders
Tower of Misery
Tower of Misery.png
Limitless Studio

Avatar shop items

Name Image Price
24kGoldn Shades (Black)
24kGoldn Shades (Black).png
60 Robux
Golden Football Helmet - 24kGoldn
Golden Football Helmet - 24kGoldn.png
80 Robux
Golden Wings - 24kGoldn
Golden Wings - 24kGoldn.png
120 Robux
I <3 24k Sign
I Love 24k Sign - 24kGoldn.png
25 Robux
Skateboard Backpack - 24kGoldn
Skateboard Backpack - 24kGoldn.png
110 Robux
24kGoldn Chibi Backpack
24kGoldn Chibi Backpack.png
120 Robux
24kGoldn Face
24kGoldn Face.png
150 Robux
Devilish Smile - 24kGoldn
Devilish Smile - 24kGoldn.png
150 Robux
Golden Eyes - 24kGoldn
Golden Eyes - 24kGoldn.png
150 Robux
Luxury Scarf - 24kGoldn
Luxury Scarf - 24kGoldn.png
90 Robux
Sunflower Backpack - 24kGoldn
Sunflower Backpack - 24kGoldn.png
100 Robux
Golden Microphone - 24kGoldn
Golden Microphone - 24kGoldn.png
70 Robux
24kGoldn Chain
24kGoldn Chain.png
75 Robux
430 Robux


Name Image Objective
24kGoldn Concert Lanyard
24kGoldn Concert Lanyard.png
Join the event experience.
24kGoldn Shades (Gold)
24kGoldn Shades (Gold).png
Earn 1 badge within the event experience.
Sunflower Wings - 24kGoldn
Sunflower Wings - 24kGoldn.png
Earn 3 badges within the event experience.
Sunflower Scythe - 24kGoldn
Sunflower Scythe - 24kGoldn.png
Earn 8 badges within the event experience.
Victory - 24kGoldn
Victory - 24kGoldn.png
Earn all 12 badges within the event experience.
24kGoldn Concert Award
Collect all 5 relics during the 24kGoldn concert.


Experience Image Objective Guide
Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands
24kGoldn Challenge Completed UDWI.png
Complete the El Dorado race. Click on the El Dorado button from the main menu. After that, press E to open up a menu, then select the El Dorado race and solo/multiplayer. Then drive through all the checkpoints in the race to complete it with the Mackinac Goldn. You will get the badge and car as a reward.
Twilight Daycare
24kGoldn Challenge Completed.png
Collect the 4 emeralds. Talk to 24kGoldn to start the quest. The golden emerald is near the entrance of the daycare. To obtain the red emerald in the maze, turn left and continue forward. Turn right two times, then turn left two times. Pick the left middle door to get the green emerald hidden behind one of the doors. To obtain the blue emerald in the chest, make a clockwise U-turn and go to the wall to find the key. You do not need to return to 24kGoldn to get the badge.
All Star Tower Defense
All Star Tower Defense 24kGoldn Challenge Completed.png
Protect the Golden City by surviving all waves. Help out 24kGoldn by protecting the Golden City. Players must wait on the Golden City island until 4 players join. Once you have joined the event map, you and your team must place and upgrade towers to defend your base from the enemies. You will get a 24kGolden tower as a reward.
Build to Survive Simulator
24kGoldn Challenge Completed STD.png
Survive a wave. Survive 1 wave from the incoming horde.
RoBeats 24kGoldn Challenge Completed.png
Complete the 3 challenges. The first challenge consists of finding all 10 Golden Microphones hidden in RoBeats city. The second challenge consists of playing 24kGoldn's More Than Friends in any modes (Easy, Normal or Hard) and earning a rank of B or above, or just by completing the song in each mode 3 times. The third challenge consists of playing any song on any mode in a match of two or more players with the in-game rewards "24kGoldn Mini" and "Goldn's Braids" equipped to earn the badge. You will keep both in-game rewards permanently.
Military Tycoon
Military Tycoon 24kGoldn Challenge Completed.png
Build the 24kGoldn Tank. Collect at least 333,000 cash by other grinding or redeeming in-game codes to build the 24kGoldn Tank in the garage. You will get the badge and tank permanently as a reward.
Car Dealership Tycoon
Complete 24 laps in the El Dorado race. First, click on the El Dorado button on the left of the screen to pull up an event screen. You can also get a free Mercez X63 by clicking the "Garage" button below its picture. Then, teleport to the race lobby and complete 24 laps in the El Dorado race using any vehicle.
Build a Boat to Survive!
Badge Badge.png
Get to the fifth section in any way. Build a boat using the building tool located in the hotbar or join someone's boat and get to the fifth section using bricks that cost gold, and can be refunded. The fifth section is marked on the map.
Tower of Misery
Tower of Misery 24kGoldn Challenge Completed.png
Collect the 30 golden nuggets. The golden nuggets spawn in different stages within the tower. Nuggets save between play sessions. There will be an El Dorado tower that spawns occasionally between rounds, but completing it does not give you the badge.


The event received a total of 105,755 concurrent players during the initial premiere of the show.[3] The concert was well received by players but received criticism for it's glitches, such as not being teleported to the piano in the fourth part of the concert. Some of these glitches prevented players from obtaining the 24kGoldn Concert Award prize and experiencing the whole concert.[4] The Military Tyccon badge was also criticized during the first hour of launch due to a glitch in which the game soft-locks after choosing a country, but has been since patched and can now be obtained without any problems.


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  • These were the songs that were played during the concert:
    • 24kGoldn - Mood (Half)
    • 24kGoldn - City of Angels
    • 24kGoldn - In My Head (New Song)
    • 24kGoldn - More Than Friends
    • 24kGoldn - Mood (Full)