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The 6th Annual Bloxys is an event held by Roblox. It was announced on January 14, 2019, with a theatre built by Hello Entertainment. There were over 30 different categories that users could have voted on. On February 12, 2019, the game was made public for the new event which featured a scavenger hunt and other arcade minigames to allow players to obtain items for their own avatar.[1]

On February 23, 2019, the winners of the 6th Annual Bloxys were announced on a live stream.

The awards were presented by English, Spanish, and Portuguese speaking users.


Name Image Creator/Group
The 6th Annual Bloxys The 6th Annual Bloxys.jpg Hello Entertainment


Name Image Objective
Tuxedo Cat TuxedoCat.png Meet one of the developers of Hello Entertainment, any members of the Roblox Star Program, or Roblox administrators in-game.
Red Carpet Cape RedCarpetCape.png Find the secret room in the sewers and get gnomed.
DIY Cardboard Bow Tie DIYCardboardBowTie.png Complete the Scavenger Hunt by finding 12 of the hidden items.
DIY Golden Bloxy Shades DIYGoldenBloxyShades.png Complete The Revenge of The Bacon arcade minigame in the Arcade area in the Lobby.
DIY Golden Bloxy Wings DIYGoldenBloxyWings.png Complete The Guest Defense arcade minigame in the Arcade area in the Lobby.



Favorite showcase
Nominees Result
Cyro Core 2 Nominated
Neon District Won
Minus 3 Nominated
Orion Nominated
Tranquility Nominated
Favorite map
Nominees Result
Escape Room: Twilight Manor Nominated
Murder Mystery 2: Factory Nominated
Royale High: The Campus Won
Survive the Disasters: Sky Ruin Nominated
Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands Nominated
Best lobby
Nominees Result
Epic Minigames Won
Flood Escape 2 Nominated
Island Royale Nominated
Sharkbite Nominated
Super Bomb Survival Nominated
Best GUIs
Nominees Result
Book of Monsters Nominated
Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales Nominated
Fantastic Frontier Nominated
Phantom Forces Won
Vesteria Nominated
Best Roblox Render
Nominees Result
Crackpop Nominated
Pumped Robloxian Won
Softy Nominated
Xuleos Nominated
xxfireball Nominated

Community Creators

Best Video Channel
Nominees Result
InquisitorMaster Won
Preston Roblox Nominated
TwiistedPandora Nominated
Ved Dev Nominated
ZaiLetsPlay Nominated
Best Comedic Video
Nominees Result
ItsFunneh: Getting Super Buff Won
KreekCraft: Reacting to diss track Nominated
Oblivious & Co: Top Roblox animations part 1 Nominated
Remainings: Worst Phantom Forces gun Nominated
Snyfort: 25 ways to die in Roblox! Nominated
Best Action Video
Nominees Result
Cybernova Games: Royale High Movie Nominated
Oblivious HD: The Last Guest 3 Nominated
Parodox Poke: ELUSIVE Won
VirtualBloxAssembled: Zombie Apocalypse Nominated
Z00ld: Hall Fight Nominated
Best Original Music Video
Nominees Result
GravyCatMan: I LOVE SAND Nominated
Kawaii Kunicorn: DON'T CALL ME A NOOB Won
LOGinHDi & Co: Slaying in Roblox Nominated
VideoTales: Break Out Nominated
Best Fan Art
Nominees Result
Crackpop Won
EnderCookiez Nominated
MapleStick Nominated
WhimyArt: RTC Nominated
Zyleth's Misc Nominated
Best GIF
Nominees Result
Felliniesque Nominated
Rastapastatf2ye Nominated
Sparklings Nominated
Supernob123 Won
Favorite Livestreamer
Nominees Result
ItsFunneh Nominated
Kreek Nominated
Poke Nominated
ThinkNoodles Won
Zailetsplay Nominated
Best Game Trailer
Nominees Result
Dedoxed Nominated
Mining Simulator Won
Reason 2 Die Nominated
ROSES Nominated
Vesteria Nominated
Best Tweet
Nominees Result
Badimo Won
IsaacRBLX Nominated
nightbarbie Nominated
OnettDev Nominated
XelPixels Nominated
Best Social Group
Nominees Result
Bee Swarm by Onett Won
Royal High by callmehbob Nominated
Koala Cafe by LoganWallace25 Nominated
Best Twitter Channel
Nominees Result
Beeism Nominated
BSlick Nominated
Kreek Won
Lord Jurrd Nominated
RussoPlays Nominated


Favorite Breakout Game
Nominees Creator Result
Bee Swarm Simulator Onett Nominated
Destruction Simulator silky_dev Won
Mining Simulator

Rumble Studios.

(owned by ObscureEntity)

Super Power Training Simulator

The State of Mind

(owned by Sathopian )

Zombie Attack

wenlocktoad vs indra

(owned by ZeroZero_Two)

Best Single Player Game
Nominees Result
ANXIETY Nominated
Escape Room Won
Parkour Nominated
ROSES Nominated
Vibrant Venture Nominated
Best Round-based Game
Nominees Result
Breaking Point Nominated
Flee the Facility Won
Phantom Forces Nominated
Strucid Nominated
Tower Battles Nominated
Best Art Direction in a Game
Nominees Result
Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales Won
Electric State DarkRP Nominated
Fantastic Frontier Nominated
Life of an Otaku Nominated
Vesteria Nominated
Best Tutorial
Nominees Result
Book of Monsters Nominated
Breaking Point Nominated
Flee the Facility Nominated
Hexaria Nominated
Super Power Training Simulator Won
Quirkiest Game
Nominees Result
Hmm... Won
Mow My Lawn Nominated
Purple Skittles Nominated
scoobis the game Nominated
Transformations Beta Nominated
Best Roleplaying Game
Nominees Result
Roblox High School 2 Nominated
Robloxian Highschool Nominated
Royale High Nominated
Welcome to Bloxburg Won
Wolves' Life 3 Nominated

Top Prizes

Best Original Music Score
Nominees Result
Bslick: Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales Won
Director1406: Roblox High School 2 Nominated
Meep City Music Nominated
Reason 2 Die Nominated
Robloxian High School Music Nominated
Studio of the Year
Nominees Result
ROLVe Community Nominated
Red Manta Nominated
Rumble Studios. Won
ShyFoox Studios Nominated
StyLiS Studios Nominated
Builder of the Year
Nominees Result
Beeism Nominated
Filiptibell/michaelvanderfin Nominated
ShyFoox Nominated
TheShipArchitect Nominated
TwentyTwoPilots Won
Video of the Year
Nominees Result
GravyCatMan: I LOVE SAND Nominated
LOGinHDi & Co: Slaying in Roblox Nominated
Oblivious HD: The Last Guest 3 Nominated
Remainings: Worst Phantom Forces gun Nominated
VideoTales: Break Out Won
Mobile Game of the Year
Nominees Result
Adopt Me Nominated
Pet Simulator Won
Royal High School Nominated
Weightlifting Simulator 3 Nominated
Work At Pizza Place Nominated
Xbox Game of the Year
Nominees Result
Flood Escape 2 Won
Lumber Tycoon 2 Nominated
Super Bomb Survival Nominated
Swordburst 2 Nominated
Treasure Hunt Simulator Nominated
Game of the Year
Nominees Result
Bee Swarm Simulator Won
MeepCity Nominated
Royale High Nominated
Super Power Training Simulator Nominated
Welcome to Bloxburg Nominated
Builderman's Award of Excellence
Nominees Result
Mining Simulator Won


  • The 6th Annual Bloxys was criticized for extremely overpriced seats. A lot of seats tripled in price compared to the 5th Annual Bloxys. Many people viewed it as very unfair and some even went as far to call it a scam, including Roblox YouTuber Cloutic (formerly ProjectSupreme) in this video. Another Roblox YouTuber, KonekoKitten, made a video criticizing the seat prices.[2] The high prices caused many seats to not sell, but after the discounts, almost every seat sold. Many users predicted the seats would not sell out. After complaints from the community, the developers of the game eventually decreased seat prices by 35% then to 40%.
  • Many have criticized Roblox for including InquisitorMaster and ZaiLetsPlay in the Best Video Channel category, due to them being unfavourable in the community with their content, which contains online dating roleplays. It is also known that Poke has clickbait on his channel.
  • Many have criticized the high amount of Simulator games nominated, as all but one of the games nominated for Best Breakout Game were in that genre.
  • Roblox YouTubers have made many complaints about people nominated for awards as such Poke nominated as a live streamer. It was argued if he should be on the list due to last live streaming in 2017. Poke later replied stating this was true.[citation needed]
  • Many have criticized the minigames for being too easy with the exception of Revenge of the Bacon.
  • Some users who purchased seats and Custom Message Signs reported not having their sign appear on stream. Some users also claimed that Glow Sticks they purchased did not appear.
  • InquisitorMaster was also criticized for winning a Bloxy award on Best Video Channel as her videos are commonly said to promote online dating.
  • Some non-single player games like Parkour and Vibrant Venture got Nominated in the Best Single Player Game.


This section is a trivia section. Please relocate any relevant information into other sections of the article.

  • Xander the Fox, from Hallow's Eve 2018, returns as one of the twelve Scavenger Hunt Items.
  • In the gutter at the left of the red carpet, a picture of a clown exists. It is a reference to the Stephen King novel, IT.
  • This is the first time that the Bloxys held an event for everyone to obtain other prizes.
  • A leaked hat called the Showtime Bloxy Popcorn Hat was expected to be used as a prize from this event. It was instead used as a promo code.
  • The cheapest seat that could be purchased was 250 Robux.
  • At one point, you could have seen a secret reference saying "Sub to Pewdiepie" Easter Egg, as seen by Nathorix here.
  • A short teaser to Egg Hunt 2019 was shown during the Bloxys.
  • The Tuxedo Cat is now impossible to get, considering the player cannot join the members of Hello Entertainment anymore.
  • The music used in the Guest Defence minigame is an instrumental of Persona 5's 'Life Will Change'.


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