SharkBite is a survival game created by Abracadabra. The point of the game is to kill the Shark as a Survivor, or kill the Survivors as the Shark.

You can earn credits by winning rounds which can be used to buy new Ships or new Sharks. The game also has a few Roblox Toys based on the game. One of the toys gives you a Frog Boat, which is not obtainable otherwise. So far, the game was featured in the Atlantis event and the Egg Hunt 2019: Scrambled in Time event.


SharkBite is a survival game where you have to kill the shark as a Survivor or kill the Survivors as the Shark. After intermisson time is up, someone will randomly be chosen as the shark and Survivors will have 10 seconds to get ready before the shark spawns. Once the shark is killed, the round will end and the remaining survivors will get 20 credits. If the shark isn't killed yet and there are remaining players, survivors will still win. However, if the shark killed all the players, the shark will win. Players can also can invite players to their boat or join the player's boat if invited.

Bonus Rounds

Bonus Rounds are rounds that will spawn two sharks instead of just one shark. There are four game modes for bonus rounds

Viral Infection When the shark kills you, you become a shark as well, and the last person remaining wins!


In the store, there are 22 boats, 9 guns, and 5 types of sharks. Some are them are free and some of them require credits.

The boats are listed here:

Patrol Boat Fishing Boat Duck Boat EasterEgg Boat Wooden Sailboat Catamaran Yacht Unicorn Paddleboat Pirate Ship Pink Jetski Green Jetski Blue Motorboat Red Motorboat Banana boat Spectre Swat Boat Military boat Submarine Deluxe Yacht Canopy Boat Destroyer Titanic Santa Sleigh Boat


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See Also

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Game Mode About The Game Mode
Titanic Game Mode Everyone will spawn on the Titanic and two sharks will spawn instead of just one shark. Boat choice will not be available, however there are boats on the Titanic for anyone to drive on. 
Double Sharks Just like the Titanic game mode, two sharks will spawn instead of one shark. Boat choice will also be available for everyone.
Loot Chest After a certain period of time, a chest will spawn on the map which will be able to be collected by the first survivor that touches it. This chest will reward 50 Shark Teeth.
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