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Action was an event that started on December 3, 2018, and ended on January 3, 2019. This event takes place solely in Heroes of Robloxia, and only has two available prizes.


Name Image Creator/Group
Heroes of Robloxia
Heroes of Robloxia Event Thumbnail.jpg
Team Super


Name Game Image Objective
Overdrive Goggles Heroes of Robloxia
Overdrive Goggles.png
Complete three missions.
Power Cell Bandolier Heroes of Robloxia
Collect five comic book pages hidden throughout all the available missions.


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  • Since the game does not alter missions after they have been completed, it is possible to do the same exact mission over and over in order to increase both counters and thus obtain the prizes.
    • If solely desiring comics, it is fastest to grab them in Mission 4 or 5 and rejoin the game after collecting it each time since they are available at the starting area of their respective maps.
  • This is the first event to have items obtainable with the purchase of a Google Chromebook.
  • The objective for the Overdrive Goggles is similar to the objective from Roblox Heroes (2017) event.
  • This is the 4th time Heroes of Robloxia has been featured in an event. Previous features are Roblox Heroes (2017)Spider-Man Homecoming and Roblox Universe (2018).
  • Power Cell Bandoiler’s appearance was changed. It used to be called "Dynamo’s Bandolier", having 3 sticks of dynamite attached to it, but was quickly changed due to the fact that wearing dynamite was a trend related to suicide bombers.


Users were disappointed about this event as there were only two prizes in one game, as well as the fact that it replaced the Holiday Magic event.[1]

Multiple glitches also occur in this event's main game, Heroes of Robloxia. Users reported that:

In the game lobby, there is a visual glitch where it shows 0/5 comic books found and 0/3 missions completed even if you have already found and completed some.

In the game lobby, there is a glitch where sometimes when you switch to Overdrive, you get stuck in the ground and you cannot move.

In Mission 1: Bank Bust, before even starting the mission, many users reported getting stuck on a blank screen or the choosing Super Power screen and not being able to continue.

Also in Mission 1, mobile users reported sometimes being unable to maneuver the beam that should be pushed by Captain Roblox (although an alternative for this is just to jump with Overdrive from the stack of beams next to the platform).

Also in Mission 1, mobile users reported being unable to maneuver the crane at towards the end of the mission without glitching out and not being able to continue. However, only the camera is glitched out, and all they would have to do is move forward to move the crane.

Mission 4 is completely broken, and there's no way to complete it, as the animation freezes for some unknown reason upon completion, which is further supported by the fact that nobody has gotten its badge since December 3.

Many people reported that when finding their 5th comic book, instead of going from 4/5 to 5/5, it would reset back to 0/5. Later on players found that if you reset your character after finding your 5th comic book, it would register soon after and you would be awarded the prize.

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