Administrator Badge

The current administrator badge, used since early 2017.

Administrators, or admins, are Roblox employees who have been granted special privileges to perform certain actions on the platform that regular users cannot. These include the ability to ban and unban user accounts, IP addresses, control the site's functions and add or edit catalog items.

Administrators assume these responsibilities as employees after being hired, and Roblox currently has 269 administrators.

Becoming an employee

In order to become a Roblox staff member, players must work at Roblox Headquarters at San Mateo, California (however there are exceptions, with InceptionTime not working at the headquarters.) They also must be at least 18 years of age or older to have an actual job at Roblox. Roblox publishes a list of the jobs available and people can apply for these jobs.

Identifying administrators

All Roblox employees have the administrator badge on their profiles, and in-game they will have a Roblox logo next to their name on the player list, allowing users to distinguish them from regular players with ease. If a player who does not have the badge claims to be an administrator or a moderator in a message somewhere on the website, they are lying and should be reported (as stated on the badge itself). There are some accounts owned by developers or moderators that do not possess the badge, but they will not act as administrators or moderators from these accounts.

Certain administrators such as Lilly_S, InceptionTime and Merely are more widely recognized than other employees in the community, and typically garner the most feedback due to their iconic presence on the platform.

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