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Advertisements can refer to user-created ads or outside ads (real, commercial advertisements, now removed). Users can advertise any of the items that they have created, including places, T-shirts, as well as groups.

Types of Advertisements

There are three specific advertisement dimensions: skyscraper, banner, and rectangle. Banner ads are 728 by 90 pixels, skyscraper ads are 160 by 600 pixels, and rectangle ads are 300 by 250 pixels.  Most of the user-created advertisements fall under a specific genre:

  • One of the most common types of advertisements is comics. Comics usually follow a short storyline to try to get the attention of the viewer so that they click if they become interested.
  • Illusion advertisements are usually something that attracts viewers with an optical illusion, such as a spinning disk and in some cases encourages clicking the advertisement if the viewer notices the effects that are stated in the advertisement.
  • Fake friend request advertisements involve users editing the ad to suggest to the audience that they have a friend request, but responding to the friend request leads the user to the parent page.
  • Comment advertisements incorporate various comments found around Roblox. Typically, these involve controversial messages and the creator's comments about the comment.
  • Item advertisements would usually show a rare or expensive item like a Dominus, Sparkle Time Fedora or a Domino Crown for a low price, such as a single Robux. These types of ads are typically made to trick players into buying them for a cheap price. These ads commonly lead to scam games.
  • "Beat my high score" advertisements would usually show a button and a line of text such as "I bet you can't beat my high score of 9001 clicks!", encouraging the player to click on the button and try and beat that score. These types of ads are now prohibited on Roblox as of June 26, 2016. 
  • "After he clicked" advertisements show something like a noob displaying such as "Before he clicked" near it, and an image of a rich Robloxian with something like "After he clicked" near that image.
  • Ads with jokes about real-life activities.
  • Advertisements about a fashion group would often show a Robloxian, usually wearing expensive hats, such as Clockwork's Shades, Clockwork's Headphones, JJ5x5's White Top Hat, or the Valkyrie Helm.
  • The "I spent all my Robux on this ad" which is an ad that tricks people thinking that they spent all their Robux on the ad.
  • A simple banner with the Roblox ad template with "Your ad here." (e.g. 800x600)

To run an advertisement, a user must pay with Robux to do so. The higher the bid, the frequency of the advertisement will be higher. Robux provides a generalized estimate of how many times an advertisement will appear during the 24-hour advertising period.

Successful advertisers recommend spreading the advertising budget over multiple advertisements instead of one lump sum for one advertisement.

Tips for Successful Advertisements

Here are some of the tips for making a good advertisement. If followed, the tips can be helpful for achieving success in advertising the item.

  • Make the advertisement related to the item that is being advertising. Many advertisers are ignorant of the fact that irrelevant ads do poorly for their place/item's popularity.
  • The click-through rate (CTR) rate could be doubled by adding screenshots of the item for evidence of the item that is advertised.
  • Make it noticeable, but not stupid. There's a fine line between the two.
  • Making viewers lose The Game or attempting to encourage them to click the advertisement will get viewers to click on the advertisement, but not associated with the item the advertisement leads to. This is an incorrect way to attract viewers to the advertiser's product.
  • Be sure the advertisement does not hurt anyone's eyes or bother them. Using bursts of random, non-matching colors, and/or optical illusions is how one would do this.
  • Try to mirror real and professional Internet ads when designing your ad. Users are more likely to click on an ad much better than a white box with simple Sans text and crude drawings.
  • Add realistic effects. For example, if there are streetlights in your ad, place glowing effects on the bulbs. Other effects might be glowing fire, water droplets, or sparkles.
  • Use a different image editor instead of Microsoft Paint for creating a professional appearance to the advertisement such as Paint.NET, GIMP, Adobe Photoshop, and etc.
  • For the more common ads, bid more Robux. With the recent games page, there are two large rectangle ads (3 if you haven't killed the BetterSurf virus) with ads. The Bettersurf one never has a user-ad, so now those ads should be bid on more.
  • Do not copy another user's advertisement. Doing so is considered plagiarism and leads to a loss of respect within the community!

Commonly Copied Ads

Due to overall laziness within the community, the copying of ads is a prevalent issue. Many users tend to copy off one single advertisement, such as:

  • Naruto - Naruto, and Sasuke talk about a random topic. This ad also has a few variations, for example, Sasuke hair being a bird, and Naruto calling Sasuke's mom and dad idiots, resulting in him crying. In that ad, Sasuke says "MOMMY?" and "DADDY?"
  • YouTuber as friend playing game - A random YouTuber (such as mrflimflam, ItsFunneh, is in the friends list. They are playing a game which the game advertised. The friends and games are misplaced, so they are mostly false.
  • Pikachu and Oshawott - An ad clearly created after Pokémon Black and White has been leaked. Pikachu and Oshawott talk about copying ads then a cursor comes and right clicks. The Pikachu is dressed like a tough guy, but Oshawott is normal.
  • Plane Ride - A kid was talking about how his life will end, and then it is revealed that its a kiddie ride. This ad was redrawn, and some have the copier's username spammed all over it.
  • BC Boast - A Zombie with BC and a demon with TBC chats, then Builderman, farting fire, with OBC boasts, then an NBC mumbles. It has been rewritten occasionally...
  • Copy Me - A noob says he is in an ad, then tells you to copy him. In the ad, someone saved the ad as, the noob was confused, then a different noob says "Happy?" This as was once when two of the second noob, and there's also a black and white variant.
  • Profile ads - These ads usually show a famous YouTuber or developer's profile, saying about how they loved a game, or showing their profile with an "accept request" or something similar.
  • Minecraft Bomb Drill - An image of 'Steve' from Minecraft asks, "Where is the bomb?" A Minecraft creeper under it says in return, "I am the bomb!" At the bottom is an image of a simulated bomb in Minecraft. This leads to many irrelevant pages.
  • Red Button - An infamous ad shows a red button in the center while there is text on the top telling you to click the ad before it changes. This also leads to irrelevant pages.

    Example of a "Red Button" advertisement.

  • IMMA FIRIN' MAH LAZER - An ad which shows a noob gets ready to fire a laser from his mouth at another noob. The noob fails to fire the laser, and the other noob simply asks "Are we getting anywhere with this!?", The noob mutters "I'm stuck". These, much like the others, lead to irrelevant pages.
  • An Epic Game - An ad which says "An epic game is waiting for you!" as a tab has ignored disabled, and play!
  • Before He Joined and After He Joined - An ad shows a noob wearing only free items as "before" and a stylish person wearing luxurious-looking clothing as "after".
  • Use code - An ad that is mainly for simulators and it shows a code for the said simulator. The code works in the simulator and grants you something in the game, mainly a pet.
  • They Played my game! OMG!- This ad says "They played my game! OMG!" with YouTuber pictures next to them (e.g. Flamingo, Poke, etc.). These ads commonly lead to games that the said YouTuber(s) in question did not play, but some are (rarely) true.
  • I spent all my Robux on this- This ad says "Hi! I spent all my robux on this, so can you please join my group?" This ad sometimes contains a sad emoji on it as well. This is a commonly copied ad, and is for restaurant games.
  • President ads- These ads say protect the president from rats or make America great again with photoshopped pictures. This trend began very recently.
  • Join My Group- Similar  to the I spent all my Robux on this ad, it says "Hello. I am lonely. Can you join my group and be my friend? PWEASE??!! All these ads lead to an ice cream parlor group called Frozey.

Outside/Commercial Ads

An example of a commercial while loading a place.

This is a feature that only free (NBC) accounts can see. It is a feature in which NBC accounts have to sit through a video commercial before they play a game. These before-game commercials have sound, and they will stop playing either before or when the game window opens. People can stop this with an extension or plugin for their browser that blocks ads, and it will shorten the duration it takes for the game window to open. This has been removed since.



Many people got warned by their ad rejected, but this doesn't happen always. Owner of rejected ads ONLY get warned if the rejected ads are innapropiate.


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