Over 13 Years Message

The message users receive from builderman on the 13th birthday set in settings.

Age Up is a group of ongoing changes that include more freedom for users who are 13 years or older. The update focuses mainly on benefiting the older players who would play on Roblox and the segregation of young players away from the older players to allow the older users to feel comfortable with other users who are 13 years or older.

Despite controversy among many Roblox users regarding the update and age restrictions, there is much support by many users for some of the promised updates that are aimed for older players, such as advanced Role Playing Games, FPS games with better integration and features as well as other updates that are provided and aimed for users who are 13 years or older. Other possible additions include improvements in gameplay, such as the ability to import other sounds and music from other sources and better ease of use on scripting, and segregation between young and old users.

So far, not many changes that associate with said update have been made, although the genres, FPS and RPG, have already been added, possibly being associated with the update. The genre scary was renamed to Horror in possible association with the update. The war genre was also renamed to 'Military'.

Also, users, if creating an account, you can attempt to set their birthday so that they can be seen as being 13 years or older, therefore the update can be rather annoying, as users who are actually 12 years or under can easily fabricate a 13+ account so that they can receive the benefits that users 13 years or older would normally get while being actually below the age at the same time.

Users that have an account under the age of 13, or have a parent modify their account settings set them to privacy mode.

Various gears, which are realistic ranged firearms, had been released with the 13+ icon as a part of the "Age Up" updates. Some of the items are the Trench Warfare Shotgun, the M1 Garand, and the Luger Pistol. What most of the available 13+ gears have in common are that they are actual World War II-era weapons. Most people pass the update.

Roblox players over 13 meet one of the requirements to use DevEx, the part of Roblox where you can sell Robux that your game or item makes back to Roblox for real-life money. You do need Roblox to allow you and they have to confirm that you obtained this legitimately, what this means is Roblox needs to check whether you didn't scam people into buying your developer products or game passes.

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