Dragon Simulator is a game created by Albatross Studio.

In this game you'll need to battle enemies such as foxes by smacking them with your hammer and making your pets defeat them. You can also make your dragons eat something such as strawberries/bananas and defeat bosses such as the Dark Fox! The game has different zones. Every zone requires you to be on a certain level. The game is similar to the game called Pet Simulator. The game has badges and you can click on something, to make your pets eat/defeat that. You can also help them do that by smacking the enemy/food.

Shop and Currencies

The game has two currencies gems and coins you can use gems to buy eggs like the Common Egg, Premium Egg and the Cyber Egg. There are "Rare Dragons" that you require to buy with "Robux" to get them. The Android Dragon is one of the "Rare Dragons" that you can buy for 2749 Robux. Coins and gems can also be bought by Robux. The game has gamepasses such as "Sprint", "2x Dragon Exp", "+500 Storage" etc. There's a gui called "Collection" that shows you which dragons you have and don't have and says how many you have, there are currently 22 Dragons in the game. If you join Albatross Studio you'll get a +10% EXP boost in the game. As your Dragons fight/eat the food/enemy you'll get some "Attack Boosts" and those will help you help your dragons eat/fight the enemy/food by smacking it.