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Pet Ranch Simulator is a simulator game created by Albatross Studio. It is about upgrading a ranch to hold more pets. Pets can be used to work on a player's ranch to make Coins. Once the user has a set amount of Coins, they can rebirth to gain Rebirth Tokens.

Rebirthing does not reset a player's inventory, unlike many other simulators. The cost to rebirth for the first time is 500M Coins.

A sequel, Pet Ranch Simulator 2, was released on the first of December 2019


Many people reported that they were bombarded by invitations to Pet Ranch Simulator. The reasoning behind all these invitations were exclusive pet rewards. If a user were to invite 1, 3, 7, 15, 40, and/or 100 users, they would be given an exclusive pet (one each per amount).

But on March 5th, 2019, coolbulls (the main developer) announced on Twitter that he would be changing the invite system to login days. Keeping his word, the invite system was removed 3 days later.

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