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This article is about a discontinued feature.

All Things Roblox was one of the four Roblox section subforums. According to the subforum description, the subforum was "The area for discussions purely about Roblox" including "the features, the games and company news". This subforum was typically where Roblox staff made announcements.

The sub-forum was merged with the Roblox Talk and Bloxfaires & Roblox Events subforums on July 27, 2017, and became the Roblox News & Discussion sub-forum.


The sub-forum was known for occasional controversies and incidents including, but not limited to, flamewars, raids and discussion of website incidents. It was also known for heavy moderation, having more bans and warns than subforums like Off Topic and Roblox Talk.

Forum Merge

On July 27, 2017, All Things Roblox, Roblox Talk and other subforums were merged to create Roblox News & Discussion. This sparked a lot of controversy throughout the Roblox community, due to Off Topic, one of the most popular subforums, being removed. The update was also hated due to there being too many people on the new subforum.


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  • All Things Roblox had around 1,200,000+ total threads and over 7,900,000 posts overall.
  • Numerous moderators including InceptionTime, OrcaSparkles, and SlingshotJunkie were seen to commonly post within All Things Roblox.
  • Despite the fact that they were more likely to be noticed, suggestions usually got deleted.