Alpha Authority (AA) is a war group founded in 2012 by walky3 (also known as Sckaar). In the 3rd Annual Bloxy Awards, AA was in the category for Favorite Battle Group.

The group has gone through several leaders and phases of genre since 2012, and still runs today. Its most well-known leaders are walky3 (Sckaar), Zanziber, Alpharion (FranzSchalder), and Scrizeebe (ScriptIntelligence).


Alpha Authority was created in 2012 to rebel against Red Delta's new leader, PartyTimeCc after the group was accidentally transferred. The rebellion became known as The Red War, and when it was over Alpha Authority had lost at a score of ten to zero.


AA's 2013 map.

In early 2013, AA was transferred from walky3 to his younger brother, Zanziber. Zanziber uploaded the first uniforms and established the first group guides in the Roblox Forums, partly under his main and an alt known as AAMissionControl. A series of islands were created as bases to train on.

In 2014, the second set of Alpha Authority uniforms were uploaded. They were the camo uniforms, which had their own classes and colors and varied in price. Allies moved onto what were called squadrons, or units. Allies were made outside of Alpha Authoritys reign, and this was the start of Alpha Authority's Golden Age. Alpha Authority also went to war with 'The Killer Assassin and won.

Alpha Authority later went to war with TKA (The Killer Assassin's) and Assault Guard, defeating both of them.

The Roblox Assault Team, the largest group in Roblox, declared war on them. This became a massive war with both groups, rallying over 100 people to raid Sunshadow Falls and Celeste 2. During the war, exploits occurred at AA's fort that progressed to explicit images being uploaded into the game and Roblox Content Deleting both AA and RAT's forts and banning Zanziber. Frosteus, an officer of the clan, claimed the group before any other users could claim the clan for themselves. Later, a movement was started entitled, "#UnbanZan" to get Zanziber unterminated The movement was successful, as Zanziber's account was restored later that year.

In January of 2018, ScriptIntelligence gained the Alpha Authority group from Descripto, on behalf of Alpharion, who Descripto had been holding for. Alpha Authority was in need of being setup again. The description was changed, the the games were updated to their latest versions from Alpha Insurgency, the social communications were connected, and the ranks were recreated.

Sunshadow Falls


Sunshadow Falls' thumbnail showcasing their war with Assault Guard.

Sunshadow Falls is an active defense point in Alpha Authority, created as a mirrored fortification. It can be customized in-game to fit the wants of the raiding team, and be used as a training facility.

Sunshadow Falls has a single terminal point, with modes including rollback and duel-cap. Raid leaders can pick between the two, as well as whether to have Alpha Authority's custom guns or swords. It takes 900 seconds (15 minutes) to capture the term. It ends when the raiding team has either captured the terminal, lost the terminal in overtime, or when the defending team has captured it. Raid numbers are negotiable. Overtime starts after 1 hour since the raid started.



Homelands' thumbnail showcasing the island.

Homeland is actively used and is a multiple purpose land mass, used for trainings, divisions, defenses, rallies, and gatherings.

It has a five point terminal system, involving the capture of three forts and two spawns spread far apart from eachother. Raids can be officialized in two modes, which include duel-cap, and timed. In duel-cap, whichever team reaches 1500 points first, wins. There is no raid timer for duel-cap. In timed, the team that has the most points in 1800 seconds (30 minutes), wins the raid. One point is gained every 3 seconds from a single captured terminal.


Tornado Series

The Tornado Series are a 2015 collection of custom guns, including close, mid, and long range guns with differing damage. Currently serve in Destiny Plaza II, Homeland and Pre-Victory Mountain I & II.


The Oath is a 2016 custom gun, which can be used in all ranges. The gun surfaces change to the teamcolor that the player holding it has, as well with its raycasts. Currently serve in Fair City Warzone.


The Cutlass is a 2015 custom sword, acting almost the same as a regular LinkedSword, except with a longer blade. Currently serve in Bamboo Training Core, Bloxxerman RCL Centre, Cybercove, Homeland, Sunshadow Falls and Training Towers III.


Alpha Authority also uses opensourced weapons. These include the RCL 3.0 weapons, Reaper-8, SMG and LinkedSword. Currently serve in Bamboo Training Core, Bloxxerman RCL Centre, Cybercove, Homeland, Sunshadow Falls, Training Facility Raptor and Training Towers III.


This group has been criticized for spamming group invites to gain members. The Clans and Guilds community has called such method of recruitment 'annoying' and 'pointless'.

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