An alternate account (alt or alt acc for short) is an additional Roblox account belonging to a user that already owns an account.

Reasons for owning an alt

There are several reasons why a user may create an alternate account, including:

  • Name sniping or user ID sniping
  • To play Roblox without being followed by other users
  • As a second account to complete multiplayer challenges with the owner (done on two separate devices)
  • As a group account, though technically not allowed by Roblox rules, to own a group place or group information
  • To make an inappropriate game
  • To troll other users and avoid possible server or game bans.
  • To get another account if the user forgot their password, had their account compromised, or is banned
  • To store limited items on, quite often when the user does not want to trade them on their main account.
  • To show a free Robux/Premium scam without being banned.
  • To do a task in a game that might require two players. Either done on different tabs or devices.
  • To exploit without getting their main account banned.
  • <13 users that want a 13+ account, or vice versa.
  • Players who look like a noob but are actually good at the games they play. This practice is commonly referred to as "smurfing".
  • To test certain aspects of the main account's game.
  • To get more friends, such as adding the main account on the alt account as a friend.
  • To buy a limited then sell it to give to the main account in ROBUX to not get banned forever if the item is Poisoned.
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