The Alversian Peoples' Navy (abbr. APN) is a sci-fi war clan on Roblox that was founded in February of 2010 by Reaven. It was memorialized in May of 2016 by the final leader of APN, Dystereus.


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Rank Description
Recruit The first rank for Alversians after having their group invitation accepted.
Cadet The cadet rank represents a slight improvement beyond the recruit rank. It was often achieved by purchasing the group uniform and completing the APN Advancement Obby.
Operative Cadets who developed their fighting skills claim the operative rank, were still relatively new members.
Guard Guards had more experience than most members, but have not reached the peak of combat ability yet.
Marine Marines are moderately experienced and skilled group member but do not possess any authority of those below them. It represents the highest rank a group member can reach without following a leadership role.
Officer Officers can be thought of as high-ranks in training who have the abilities to host events. (although whether these events had to be supervised by a higher rank changed throughout APN's history.) They cannot change ranks.
Captain Captains are high-ranks and can change the ranks of those lower than them. Captains spend the bulk of their time hosting trainings and raids against other clan forts.
Admiral Admirals are signifiantly experienced high ranks and host group events but also perform much of the backend work for APN, such as developing group rules or games. Admirals would have a role in deciding who could become an officer or captain.
Fleet Admiral A position for the current second in command and the group owner's alternate account.
Grand Admiral The title for the current group holder. This title changed throughout the years, generally depending on who owned the group at the time.



Port Valkrav

  • Years active: 2016
  • Developers: Constantinopolitan, The_Harbinger, Dystereus, Vexarch, TechnoUser
  • Description: "Due to Reaven's past nuclear adventures at Outpost Gunnshun, the APN High Command decided that the best thing to do was to find a new location to set up at. Port Valkrav is the result. Port Valkrav is located on the secluded island Casnion on the Alversian planet. It is the main source of Alversia's crude oil and ores, alongside being APN's main communication outpost, which makes it a high priority target for hostile forces. It is under the protection of the full force of the Alversian Peoples' Navy."

Castle Astelath

  • Years active: 2014, 2016
  • Developers: Reaven, LordAttila, Dystereus, Vexarch

Fort Gunnshun 2.0

  • Years active: 2016
  • Developers: Reaven, Vexarch, The_Harbinger

Fort Necronites

  • Years active: 2012
  • Developers: Reaven, LordAttila

Fort Xie I

  • Years active: 2011
  • Developers: Reaven, BobaTheMan

Fort Xie II

  • Years active: N/A
  • Developers: Dystereus, The_Harbinger, Resolite and Constantinopolitan
  • Description: "Built by Dystereus, The_Harbinger, Resolite and Constantinopolitan. Created as a temporary fort to be used whilst issues with lag were fixed at Port Valkrav, but APN's demise came shortly before this."


Gun Training

  • Years active: 2015-2016
  • Developers: Reaven, LordAttila, Dystereus and Vexarch.
  • Description: "Listen to your trainers!"

Sword Arena

  • Years active: 2015-2016
  • Developers: Vexarch and Dystereus.
  • Description: "1v1 arena and lines appear once you press the green button. You must be on the "Trainer" team to do so. Building tools may be used for creating your own obbies or minigames to enhance the training. As most of the map is locked, you must use the unlocked bricks from the 1v1 arena/lines to build your own training props. The host of the training must be on the "Trainer" team at all times. Only the host of the training may be in the "Trainer" team. All other high ranks present at the training MUST be on the "Alversians" team."


  • Years active: 2016
  • Developers: The_Harbinger, Dystereus, TechnoUser and Vexarch.
  • Description: "Used for rallying, speeches, meetings and awarding credits after events."



  • Alversia
    • A roleplay group representing Alversia's government.
  • Raven Guard
    • A historic division for hand selected, skilled APN members.
    • Originally created by Reaven.
    • Named after the Raven Guard Space Marine Chapter from the Warhammer 40,000 universe.
  • Alversian Veterans
    • A division consisting of veterans from all APN eras.
  • Alversian Infrastructure Service
    • A replacement for Sycue Corporation following the group's change in theme to a communist government.
    • APN was shutdown before its use.


  • Alversian Officer Network
    • A group used for communication between high ranks.
    • Shutdown due to the introduction of high rank roles on the APN Discord, and because it took up user group slots, which were limited at the time.
  • Sycue Corporation
    • Used to store and construct APN places, scripts and models.


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  • Both Varnassi and Reaven were Vaktovians.
  • APN was memorialized by Reaven in 2014 when it had 12,000 members.
  • APN re-opened on February 27, 2015 with a new leader, Equilibrate (SirDoomKnight).
  • APN was memorialized by Dystereus a second time in 2016 when it had 18,000 members.
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