American Airlines ™ (commonly referred to as AA) is a Roblox airline group founded in May 2014 by CorvetteZ51. It has been credited as one of the largest, well known, and most influential aviation groups on Roblox[1], with surpassing over 38,000 members and gaining over 1 million Robux since its foundation.[2] 

TheTechDude456 is the current sitting chairman as of 2020.


AA has had several Developer Forum members work on group projects such as aircraft, airports, and scripts. Such devs included Jbn011Cynosure_sUnderscore_usernames, and others.


The group has had several leaders which met each other from an friend group within American Airlines.

  1. CorvetteZ51(2014)
  2. Iceman400(2014-2016)
  3. CorvetteZ51 (2016-2017)
  4. elJared(2017-2018)
  5. TheTechDude456(2018-present)


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  • It is universally accepted that Alaska Airlines, an earlier group founded by CorvetteZ51 in 2013, is the direct predecessor to American, with all the original staff coming from Alaska.
  • The group's official Twitter account was deleted twice for unknown reasons, in which both times the accounts had over 1,000 followers before deletion.[3]
  • In 2014 the then-president Lumidas of NUSA offered AA to be the official airline group of the largest ro-nation, but Z51 declined.
  • AA's co-founder, Foxzie became a successful game developer, with his Car Dealership Tycoon accumulating over 100 million visits.
  • In 2018, group members JJ78F and CorvetteZ51 played a real life tennis match against each other in Los Angeles.


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