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"in the year 2006 unknown entities began their assault on humanity. With their morals being unknown, and their fighting brutal, humanity can only do one thing. Fight."

AniPhobia is a survival, horror and FPS experience created by MCSTEVE07 a.k.a "Jesuse" and co-owned by Clonitium a.k.a "clone". The game was created on May 8th, 2021. Players are tasked with surviving anime characters and cultists. Players may travel alone or with friends while fighting bosses and finding weapons. So far, the game has achieved 11 million total visits, 230,000 favourites and 75,000 Likes.

This game has no mobile support.


Set in 2006, it is set on an alternate history where anime characters mysteriously invade and overrun the USA. You spawn in a fictional American county of Keithman that consists a mountainous biome and a desert one.


The aim of the game is simple: kill anime characters, find supplies and guns. And try not to die! Killing anime characters gives you money which you can use to buy more better guns and equipment (note: the items you buy are not permanent when you leave the game).


The in game map is gigantic. The game also provides you with vehicles which you can use to navigate your way around the vast map, you can find these vehicles scattered around the map. In the map there are some towns where you can find equipment, ammunition and possibly weapons.


The game has roughly 72 weapons in total. You can either buy the weapons from the spawn gun-store/Mista's Armory or find them scattered around the map in various locations. Weapons bought from the spawn gun-store will save in your inventory if you were to die however world-loot weapons taken from the map will not be saved.

Getting ammo for these weapons is easy but quite a challenge. Ammunition is scattered everywhere in the map and there is a slight chance that doing so can be the cause of your death, in the game there is:

  • Light Ammo
  • Shotgun Shells
  • Rifle Ammo
  • Heavy Ammo
  • Explosive Ammo


  • WASD = movement
  • L-Button = fire weapon
  • R-Button = aim
  • F = flashlight
  • R = reload
  • U = emote
  • H = inspect weapon (only available on some weapons)
  • N = activate night vision (must equip NV goggles bought at shop)

Development History[]

The game was originally created back on January 24, 2021, as Aniphobia Legacy and the revamp on May 9, 2021. The legacy edition stopped getting updates and in 2021, May 8th, the main version: Aniphobia Revamp was created with more features than its predecessor. The revamp has been getting new updates ever since.

In summer 2022, the game got its first largest update: expanded map. The game map was originally smaller but was enlarged after the city update in early 2022, which added 8 more locations you could travel to. Most other updates include new characters, weapons and locations. The most recent update added 1 new location, 2 new vehicles (both are vehicles that were once removed or in the legacy edition) and several new weapons to the gun shop and world loot.

In June 2024, the game received its latest update to the map that added +6 new guns and +2 new vehicles alongside a new area of the map that could be accessed through a tunnel allowing the user to explore the wide map more and its new weapons that can be scavenged from the landscape.

Use of Anime Characters[]

The game uses characters from actual anime shows such as: Konosuba, Komi can't Communicate, Chainsaw Man etc... All of this puts the game at risk of being shutdown by Roblox, the developers have stated in the description of the game that all credit goes towards the anime studios and their respective creators/mangaka.