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Around The World was an event that was sponsored by the film, Finding Dory. The three games featured for the event were RoCitizens, Roblox High School, and Hide and Seek Extreme. This event had three free hats, two free gear items, and seven prizes, three in RoCitizens, two in Roblox High School and two in Hide and Seek Extreme. The event began on June 2, 2016, and ended on June 20, 2016.


Name Image Creator/Group
RoCitizens Firebrand1 RoCitizens.png Firebrand1
Hide and Seek Extreme Hide and Seek Extreme Thumbnail.png Tim7775
Roblox High School Roblox High School.png Cindering


Name Image Game Objective
Dory Hieroglyph Dory Hieroglyph .png RoCitizens Complete the Egypt puzzle in the museum.
Breton Striped Shirt Breton Striped Shirt.png RoCitizens Complete the France puzzle in the museum.
Jacket of Fury Jacket of Fury.png RoCitizens Complete the China puzzle in the museum.
Dory Gondolier Hat Dory Gondolier Hat.png Hide and Seek Extreme Collect it when it randomly appears in certain locations on the Venice, Italy map.
Masqurade Mask Masqurade Mask.png Hide and Seek Extreme Complete a round on the Venice, Italy map.
Dory Lantern Dory Lantern.png Roblox High School Get a score of 80% or higher on the Japan quiz.
Matador Hat Matador Hat.png Roblox High School Get a score of 80% or higher on the Spain quiz.

Catalog items

Name Image Price
Dory Dory.png Free
Hank Hat Hank Hat.png Free
Dory Headphones Dory Headphones.png Free


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  • Roblox said on Twitter on June 2, 2016, to "Pack your bags, we are going on an adventure Around The World!".
  • Players on Hide and Seek Extreme reported issues with the prizes in the game. It's not known if it's fixed or not.
  • The countries involved in the event are:
    • RoCitizens: Egypt, France, and China
    • Roblox High School: Japan and Spain
    • Hide and Seek Extreme: Venice, Italy