Astric Imperial (or simply referred to as AI) is already largely popular and is growing fast due to mass VIP recruitment on three other games. TycoonCreatorNLD already is the lead developer of Sinister Studios, a group that makes tycoons. He used the success of his three tycoons to his recruitment advantage. As of September 2016, the group has about 130,000 members.

It was then lost when TycoonCreatorNLD was terminated for scamming. AI was then passed on to ThugTwig, leading him, Lyingzerman, now Collin201. Although less active than it used to be, AI's still fighting strong.
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Name Class
Tirones Low Rank
Munifex Low Rank
Munifex Gregarius Low Rank
Immunes Middle Rank
Aquilifier Middle Rank


Middle Rank
Optio Middle Rank
Honorary Veterans


Centurion High Rank
Dux High Rank
Praetor High Rank
Legatus High Rank
Imperial Legatus High Rank
Crown Leader


Astric Imperial: Assailants

[AI] Officer Academy

Astric Imperial: Court of Law


Astric Imperial | Facility

Astric Imperial | Recruitment Center Beta

Astric Imperial | Fort CrimsonForce



Auto Duels swords. Pretty simple.

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