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Audio Icon 2024

The current icon for audio used on the Creator Store and the toolbox.


The former icon for audio used on the library and the toolbox.

Audio is an asset type as well as a category on the Creator Marketplace. Audio assets are played through Sound light iconSound dark iconSound or AudioPlayer light iconAudioPlayer dark iconAudioPlayer objects. Users can upload audio files through the Create page with a limit on how many they can upload per 30 days.

Unlike other assets on the marketplace, audio assets are more restricted in how they are used across experiences. Each audio asset has a sharing setting which, if set to private, will disallow the asset from being accessed on other experiences except for the asset's listed experiences. Each asset also has a distribution setting which allows the asset to be displayed on the marketplace if turned on. Roblox currently does not allow users to change any of these settings. However, if their asset is private, they can select and grant experiences access to their asset, which must either be owned by the asset's creator or be accessible to the creator with granted permissions.


Any user can upload MP3 and OGG audio files with a limit to how much files they can upload per month. Non-ID verified creators can upload up to 10 audios per month. ID-verified creators can upload 100. Some developers were given a limit of 2,000 uploads per month. Audio files must have a length of at most 7 minutes.

Roblox does not allow audio files containing copyrighted content. Roblox also does not allow certain types of audio:[1]

  • Excessively loud audio ("Do not upload excessively loud audio to Roblox.")
  • Distorted sound, usually voice ("Uploading distorted audio files is not permitted. Please make sure your files can be easily and clearly heard.")
  • Using one's own voice ("We're sorry, but audio featuring your voice or other personal information is not allowed on Roblox.")
  • Adult content ("Adult content is not tolerated on Roblox.")
  • Anything that is against the rules ("This audio file contains content that is inappropriate for Roblox.")


An audio asset can be used in a Sound light iconSound dark iconSound object using the asset's ID. Public assets can be played. For a private asset, however, an experience must be given access by the asset's creator in order to play it.


Roblox doesn't provide a built-in feature to download any audio from the Library. However, third-party tools (such as the BTRoblox browser extension) allow downloading of audio.


Sound code

This is how the user would insert sound codes before 2009.

Sounds and Music tracks published prior to the new uploading system in 2013
Name ID Status Creator
WindOfFjords 1015394 Cross2.0No Removed for "Invalid audio" Shedletsky
DJ Glejs - Better Off Alone (remix) 27697392 Cross2.0No Removed for copyright RobloSam
Positively Dark - Awakening 27697277 Cross2.0No Private RobloSam
Daniel Bautista - Intro 27697707 Cross2.0No Private RobloSam
Daniel Bautista - Music for a Film 27697713 Cross2.0No Private RobloSam
Daniel Bautista - Flight of the Bumblebee 27697719 Cross2.0No Private RobloSam
Mubarek - Resist (rmx) 27697234 Cross2.0No Removed for "Invalid audio" RobloSam
##### ###### - Entertainer Rag 27697267 Cross2.0No Private RobloSam
NerezzaSong 8610025 Cross2.0No Removed for copyright Aeacus
Lol 2303479 Cross2.0No Removed for copyright clockwork
Jeff Syndicate - Hip Hop 27697735 Cross2.0No Private RobloSam
Zero Project - Gothic 27697743 Cross2.0No Private RobloSam
MonsterMashAudio 35930009 Tick2.0Yes Public Roblox
Kid saying Ouch.wav 12222058 Tick2.0Yes Public Roblox
One Winged Angel 1372260 Cross2.0No Removed for copyright clockwork
M.U.L.E 1077604 Cross2.0No Private clockwork
Halo Theme 1034065 Cross2.0No Private clockwork
Final Destination 1280414 Cross2.0No Private clockwork
Chrono Trigger Theme 1280463 Cross2.0No Private clockwork
SM64 Theme 1280470 Cross2.0No Private clockwork
FFVII Battle AC 1280473 Cross2.0No Private clockwork
Cursed Abbey 1372257 Cross2.0No Private clockwork
Choir 1372258 Cross2.0No Removed for copyright clockwork
Fire Emblem 1372259 Cross2.0No Private clockwork
Pokemon Theme 1372261 Cross2.0No Private clockwork
Star Fox Theme 1372262 Cross2.0No Private clockwork
DOTR 11420922 Cross2.0No Private nate2800
S4Tunnel 9650822 Cross2.0No Private Aeacus
WomanKing 5986151 Cross2.0No Private Shedletsky
backgroundSong1 45819151 Tick2.0Yes Public Roblox
dancepotionsong 27808972 Tick2.0Yes Public darthskrill
gamesongloop 32200781 Tick2.0Yes Public Roblox
The_Unsacred_Hearts_-_07_-_Plug_Me_In 60059129 Tick2.0Yes Public Roblox
TheGreatStrategy 4470503 Cross2.0No Removed Shedletsky
Rickroll 2027611 Cross2.0No Removed for copyright clockwork
Toccata and Fugue in D minor 11231513 Cross2.0No Removed for "Invalid audio" nate2800
ZenMusic 8663653 Cross2.0No Private Wuique
Foggy Mountain 27697298 Cross2.0No Removed for copyright RobloSam
Schala 5985787 Cross2.0No Private Shedletsky
TheBuzzer 5982975 Cross2.0No Private Shedletsky
beats 60049010 Tick2.0Yes Public Roblox

The game client was previously able to play Impulse Tracker module (IT) files. There are two IT files known to be on Roblox, all of which are uploaded by Shedletsky as audio assets: WindOfFjords in 2007 and TheGreatStrategy in 2008.

Before 2009, it was possible to upload audio files unmoderated and without limit.

From 2009 to 2013, audio files were only able to be uploaded to the catalog by administrators; most of which were provided by Roblox, RobloSam, or clockwork. The latter two still have all their uploaded audio available on their profiles to this day.

On September 25, 2013, Roblox introduced a system where players can upload their MP3 files on Roblox by purchasing them with Robux. This allowed for a broader plethora of audio to be used in places. The system however only allowed 15 seconds of audio and cost users 250 Robux per audio asset,[2] allegedly set up to prevent misuse of the feature. However, a loophole was discovered shortly afterward, in which players could technically upload a full song by speeding it up to the point where the song's duration is lower than 15 seconds, and creators could tweak the pitch to be lowered at a specific value (usually predetermined by the uploader in the description), for the full song to play normally, although losing some quality.

In early 2014, Roblox's sound engine was changed so that audio is now more reliable in playback. Playback is nearly guaranteed, even if the audio asset hasn't been preloaded.

On January 15, 2014, Roblox increased the sound limit to 120 seconds, 8 times the length of the previous limit, and the cost decreased by 60% to 100 Robux, allowing longer audio to be uploaded for a lower price. The update proved to be successful, as it reduced the hassle of uploading multiple short samples of long audio and also reduced the complications that came with the pricing.[3]

On March 18, 2015, Roblox allowed uploading of OGG files, which have more seamlessness looping than MP3 files.

On September 26, 2016, the sound limit was increased to 6 minutes, while the cost would be changed to a dynamic pricing system.

On October 6, 2016, the dynamic pricing system and limit of 6 minutes would be temporarily retired while some issues would be fixed. About a week later, the dynamic pricing system and limit of 6 minutes were returned.[4]

On December 1, 2016, the sound limit was increased to 7 minutes.

On an unknown date in late 2018, the cost for audio was changed to 35 Robux instead of 75 for audio lengths ranging from 59 seconds to 2 minutes. Later in 2019, the cost for that length is now 70 Robux.

In late 2019, it was known in a DevForum post that the game client was no longer supporting IT files.[5]

On March 9, 2022, Roblox replaced price limitations with a monthly limit to how many audio files users can upload and allowed free uploading as well. Users who have been ID verified are allowed to upload 100 files per month. Some other users are allowed to upload more than 100 files per month. All other users are allowed to upload 10 files per month. Prior to the new limitations, audio that had a length of under 10 seconds would cost 20 Robux, 10 to 59 seconds would cost 35 Robux, 1 to 2 minutes would cost 70 Robux, and the rest would cost 350 Robux.

Roblox also announced privacy changes that on March 22, 2022, all new audio uploaded will be Private and all existing audio with a length of over 6 seconds will be set to Private. Audio assets uploaded by Roblox and Monstercat will remain Public. Private audio cannot be used/played if the user/group did not upload the audio. Roblox recommends developers review and replace their audio. Roblox also added Audio Discovery Plugin to Roblox Studio which assists in finding and replacing audio.[6]

On March 17, 2022, Roblox announced an update to the audio privacy changes. Roblox will have a team to keep most sound effects public, even if it's longer than 6 seconds. Roblox will also be adding "asset permissions" for audio, which allows users to grant permissions for which experiences can use them, or for all experiences.[7]

On the same day, Roblox also announced that users can fill out a survey to help Roblox suit the limit to the frequency and quantity of uploads to the user's needs in the future. Roblox is also announcing privacy for other asset types.

On May 23, 2024, it was announced that the ability to make new sound effects public (if under 10 seconds long) was added.[8] Creators wishing to upload public sounds need to apply to be an Audio Distributor, requiring them to be ID and age verified. In order for the audio to be playable, it currently needs to be added to the user's inventory in the Creator Hub.


Roblox automatically searches through all audio assets for any copyrighted material, and also partnered with other companies to provide users with licensed music and sound effects. Previously, users were able to upload copyrighted audio with little to no penalty since the upload system was introduced, which had left Roblox at a risk of being sued for copyright infringement.

Audio removal[]


One of clockwork's audios that was removed for copyrighted material.

Roblox tracks used to automatically replace copyrighted audio
Name Roblox ID Composer(s)
Diamonds 1846575559 Friedrich Kruntorad
Easy Mover 1837066593 Brian Colin Dee & Irving Lawrence Martin
Lazy Sunday 1842241530 Duncan Lamont
No More 1846458016 Dave Rosenholz & Joe Lordup
Playground of the Stars (A) 1840684208 Dick Walter
Prima Bossa Nova 1837070127 Anthony W Mawer
Roselita 1838857104 Pierre Joseph Arvay
Smooth Nylons 1845458027 Kenny Salmon
Solitaire 1846457890 Gerd Kadenbach
Town Talk 1845756489 Gerhard Narholz

On May 30, 2018, Roblox announced on the DevForum that they would begin an automated process to remove all audio that contains any copyrighted material not licensed to Roblox on June 18. Audio that is removed for copyright has its name and description replaced with "(Removed for copyright)" and does not impact the uploader's moderation history. Roblox recommends developers to only use their own audio, Roblox's licensed audio or non-copyrighted audio, and also to replace any copyrighted audio that they do not have the license to use with the aforementioned audio.[9]

Originally, audios that were removed for copyright would be replaced with one of the ten songs selected by Roblox when played inside an experience. However, this is no longer the case, and removed audios will not play anything.

Roblox has stated that the main reason for this is to give the Corporation itself better first impressions to future companies that they want to work with. Similar to the Pokémon Brick Bronze takedown, if an artist or record label found out that their music was being used by a site or user without permission (especially for monetary gain) then it would most likely lead to a lawsuit if action was not taken by the host.

Following the introduction of copyright removal, many users began to upload audio that was modified in a way that bypassed Roblox's content identification system, typically by changing the pitch or adding an audio clip at the beginning.

This decision has been criticized for being quite sudden, and concerns over playable audio using custom Boombox passes in games have also been raised. Some argued that there would be no concrete way to prevent users from uploading copyrighted material, and that games which rely on copyrighted music would be heavily crippled by the mass removal of audio.



Account termination due to a bug with the refund system.

Roblox has been giving out refunds to users who had uploaded copyrighted audio that was later removed by the automatic process. On July 4, 2018, a bug which refunded users more than the amount they spent to upload their removed audios caused many users to be falsely terminated by Roblox.[10] According to Roblox, this was later fixed,[11] although the terminations the bug caused sparked conversation about Roblox moderation within the developer community, notably in this devforum post by Cindering.

National Music Publishers' Association lawsuit[]

On June 9, 2021, Roblox was sued by the National Music Publishers' Association for copyright infringement for allegedly allowing the unauthorized use of copyrighted songs.[12]

After the lawsuit though not moderated; audios by the National Music Publishers' Association will no longer play in-game and will bring up error 46 in the client and attempting to search artist names on the audio tab in the Library will be blocked but not censored.

Some users have suspected that this is the reason why all accessories that allowed users to play custom audio were taken offsale in early 2021.


APM Music[]

(Tutorial) How to find composer names of a specific APM Music track:
  1. Go to
  2. Type the song name in "Start your search..."
  3. Do not press enter. Instead, click on the correct title under "Track Title" to search for the specific song name.
  4. Type the name of the album in the search box.
  5. Click on the bold text under "Album Title".
  6. Hover over the correct track, and press the down arrow. The composer's/s' name(s) will appear. Ignore the percentage(s) and the "PRS/SACEM etc."

Alternatively, just copy and paste this link and replace the text in bold with the song title and album name.[{"field":"track_title","value":"Song title","operation":"must"},{"field":"album_title","value":"Album name","operation":"must"}]

Note: spaces are fine because of URL encoding.
APM Old 70 s Song

A 70's song uploaded by Roblox.

In late May 2018, Roblox signed a license agreement with APM Music, a music company that produces and licenses soundtracks for usage in films, TV shows, video games, and commercials. Soon afterward, thousands of APM Music tracks were uploaded onto the Library by Roblox, allowing developers various free music of any style for their experience without the risk of copyright infringement (given if they only use up to 250 per experience).[9]

These music tracks have been licensed for use in other video games as well. One example is the track "Ghost" from APM Music, created in 2004 and was also used in Plankton's Robotic Revenge back in 2013. Another example is "Fatal Error" from APM Music, used in the Skylanders series as the theme of the villain character Wolfgang. Another example again is "Wild Card" from APM Music, used as the default theme of the Create a Superstar from WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2011. Both songs can be found in the audio marketplace.

Copyright claims on YouTube[]

(Tutorial) How to dispute copyright claims on Roblox gameplay videos on YouTube:

Copyright claims containing this music can easily be disputed (only if it is a Roblox gameplay video) using the following process:

  1. Go to the claims on YouTube
  2. Make sure the song is a song from APM Music (licensed by Roblox). If it isn't, you cannot dispute the claim.
  3. If you're 100% sure this song is from APM Music, go to "Select Actions".
  4. Select "Dispute".
  5. Check the box that says "My dispute isn't based on any of the reasons above. I would still like to dispute this Content ID claim.", and click on Continue.
  6. Select "License".
  7. Check the box that says "I have permission to use the content from the copyright owner."
  8. Mention that the song can be used in videos because it is used in a Roblox gameplay. The word "Roblox" has to be mentioned somewhere in the information.
  9. Check all of the boxes.
  10. Enter your full name (not a channel name).
  11. Click on "Submit".
For more information on how to prevent your Roblox videos containing licensed tracks from being copyright claimed, visit this Roblox help article.

Many people complained that they have been getting copyright claims (Content ID claims) from the licensed music in their videos due to the fact that these music are copyrighted. Copyright claims are sometimes confused with copyright strikes, as copyright claims render them unable to monetize their videos. Roblox stated in a help article that they allow users to post videos containing this music in their videos with instructions on how to dispute a copyright claim. The music, however, can only be used in Roblox gameplay videos.

Track description[]

The description for APM Music tracks is organized with this order:

  • the description of the track under "quotes";
  • the duration of the track in seconds (normally, for commercial purposes, many songs have cut versions to 60" and 30");
  • genre: there are many genres on Roblox, such as Club/Electronica, Jazz, Pop, etc.;
  • library: shows the library of the track. The most known are from Bruton, KPM and Sonoton;
  • album: shows the album name;
  • the album info that you can search on the APM website;
  • and the "Courtesy of APM Music" phrase;

Composer names are not included in the description, but can be found by searching on APM Music.

Adult content incident[]

On June 22, 2018, the Roblox profile uploaded adult content in the form of audio. This likely occurred because the audio clip was improperly tagged as safe by APM Music, the source of the audio. After the audio was found by the community, Roblox transferred its ownership to a random inactive account and later deleted the audio. Along with the audio in question, the Roblox profile uploaded a safe version.

On March 9, 2022, a similar incident occurred when multiple songs that contained swear words in the title were uploaded to the Roblox account without being filtered or censored. Shortly after the audios were found by the community, the song titles were changed to "[ Content Removed ]" and the descriptions were removed.


On July 25, 2020, in addition to APM Music, Roblox also partnered with Monstercat so that their music can also be used freely in Roblox.[13] Music tracks are uploaded by Monstercat instead of Roblox.

Nettwerk Music Group and Position Music[]

On March 9, 2022, Roblox announced that they will partner with other music companies, such as Nettwerk Music Group and Position Music, by March 22.[6]

Pro Sound Effects[]

On March 17, 2022, Roblox partnered with Pro Sound Effects to provide developers with sound effects. These sound effects are uploaded by Roblox and always end with "(SFX)".[7]

Bypassed audio[]

Bypassed audios, or user-uploaded audio that contains inappropriate content, have commonly been found on the Roblox platform for as long as users could upload their own audios. Usually, bypassed audios are a product of faulty moderation, but there have also been bugs that allowed audio to be uploaded without being reviewed by moderation.

Before 2016, Sound light iconSound dark iconSound objects could have a negative pitch, allowing audios to play in reverse. Because of this, many users uploaded inappropriate audios in reverse in hopes that it would be approved by moderation so that it could be played in reverse in-game.[14]

In 2014, a bug was discovered that allowed users to upload audio as a plugin to evade moderation. This bug caused many bypassed audios to be uploaded, although the bug was quickly fixed. However, a similar bug was discovered with RenderMeshes which caused more bypassed audios to be uploaded until the bug was eventually patched fully on April 26, 2017.

Users have continued to find more ways to bypass audio, including slowing and speeding up audios so that they create an inappropriate sound by changing the pitch of the audio in an experience, or leaving sections of silence in their audio in an attempt to trick moderation into approving the asset. In some cases, inappropriate audio has been uploaded directly and is still approved by Roblox moderation.

Beyond inappropriate sounds, there are many excessively loud or "ear-blaster" audios that get uploaded and approved even though they are against the Roblox Community Guidelines. These audios are commonly used in experiences where players can enter a custom audio ID to play (e.g. with a Boombox gear).

Audio privacy and upload changes[]

Audio Wipe

The Audio subcategory of the creator marketplace following the change

On March 22, 2022, all existing audios longer than 6 seconds (except those uploaded by Roblox) were made private as a part of Roblox's effort to allow creators to "control the availability, manner of distribution, and value of their creations." Private audios can only be used in experiences that are owned by the uploader or have been authorized to use the audio by the uploader.[6]

Along with this change, Roblox uploaded over 100,000 more licensed songs and sound effects to the audio library for use across the platform. The licensed audio was sourced from many partners, including Monstercat, APM, Pro Sound Effects, Nettwerk Music Group, and Position Music.[7]

Additionally, Roblox implemented a new system for audio uploads, giving all users a limited number of free audio uploads per month. Under the new system, non-ID verified creators could upload up to 10 audios per month, whereas ID-verified creators could upload 100. Additionally, some developers were given a limit of 2,000 uploads per month, but it is unknown what the criteria to receive this limit is, or if this is just random between players.

The changes to audio privacy were highly controversial within the developer community and the greater Roblox community, as evidenced by the replies to the original Developer Forum announcement, which received over 4,000 replies in 7 days. Many users were concerned about the impact these changes would have on their own game and things like the Boombox gears. Some also speculated that this change was forced due to Roblox's lawsuit with the National Music Publishers' Association, although this has not been confirmed by Roblox.

Due to the timing for the announcement of audio privacy changes being just a few days after Pokémon BrickBronze got taken down for copyright, many people put two-and-two together and blamed BrickBronze for being responsible. This was later proven to be false, although the connection periodically surfaces from time to time.


This section is a trivia section. Please relocate any relevant information into other sections of the article.

  • There is a bug where some audio files stop playing after a couple of seconds when played on the website and android app.
  • There is a bug where an audio file won't play at all, usually with .ogg sound files.
  • The longest song on Roblox before September 25, 2013, was Mubarek - Resist (rmx).
  • The songs WindOfFjords and TheGreatStrategy were IT files taken from The Mod Archive, from here and here respectively.


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