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Ava Max Heaven & Hell Launch Party was a virtual concert event on Roblox. It was sponsored by the pop artist, Ava Max to celebrate her debut album Heaven & Hell Album. The event game opened on September 24, 2020, for the launch party. The actual concert was held on September 25. During September 24, 2020, An in-game timer was displayed, counting down to when the event was going to start.


Name Image Creator/Group
Ava Max Heaven & Hell Launch Party
AMX Venue Development

Avatar Items

Name Image Price
AVA MAX Angel Wings (Blue Color)
200 Robux
AVA MAX Hell Wings (Red Color)
200 Robux
99 Robux
AVA MAX Earrings
99 Robux
AVA MAX Necklace
99 Robux
AVA MAX Sword of Heaven
150 Robux
AVA MAX Sword of Hell
150 Robux
AVA MAX Heaven Hair (Blonde Color)
150 Robux
AVA MAX Hell Hair (Orange Color)
150 Robux

Quests and In-game accessories.

Name Objective Description Reward
Welcome! Join the game. Thanks for coming, enjoy the show! Glow Logo
Life of the Party Stay in the game for 5 minutes. Hang out at the party for 5 minutes Heaven Halo
Hell Coins Find all the hell coins around the map. Collect all 10 for a reward! Hell Tail
Heaven Coins Find all the heaven coins around the map. Collect all 10 for a reward! Heaven Tail
Collector Finish all the other quests. Collect all of the party items Heaven Trail
Find Ava Max Go up to Ava Max's avatar when it comes out during the concert. Encounter Ava Max during the show Hell Halo
Explorer Take 100 steps inside the game. Take 100 steps around the Ava Max Venue! Hell Trail

Event Song List


  • Many users have criticized this event due to it having lots of glitches.
    • One of the glitches caused the Find Ava Max Quest to be impossible to complete.
  • The live event itself was barely 12 minutes long, in addition to many users finding it boring.
  • The event was criticized for only offering paid prizes.
  • Many users also criticized the in-game quests in the event for not being awarding real avatar shop items.


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  • The game for this event is the second lowest rated event game ever behind Mountaineers.