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The Roblox Avatar Shop in late September 2021

The item page layout from 2019 to present

The avatar shop, also known as the catalog or Shop, is a section on Roblox where users can purchase virtual clothing and items for their avatar using Robux. These items include heads, faces, gear, accessories, T-shirts, shirts, pants, bundles, and animation packs. Items which cannot be purchased are regarded as "off-sale", and limited items are available at community-based prices in finite quantities (existing copies are resold rather than new ones being created). The avatar shop was introduced in 2007, when T-Shirts were introduced.

Both Roblox and selected UGC creators have the ability to create and edit their items in the Avatar Shop (occasionally Games will also upload test items), but regular players can only upload clothing for 10 Robux each. It is worth noting that new items are most likely to be published when a new hour strikes during weekends, however they may also be released at non-specific times.


Current Icon Former Icon* Description
Item is available in finite quantities from resellers and can be traded.
Limited U Label.png
Serialized variants of limited items. Always sold for a fixed price initially and become limited after selling out.
Cross2.0.png Exclusive Rthro Bundle or Package.
Cross2.0.png Premium only discounts on UGC items.
BC Label.png
Item was exclusive to Builders Club or higher-tier users.
TBC Label.png
Item was exclusive to Turbo Builders Club or higher-tier users
OBC Label.png
Item was exclusive to Outrageous Builders Club users.
13+ Label.png
Item was exclusive to 13+ accounts.
  • Although BC-only items were discontinued, the detail still displays on the trading menu if an item was previously BC-only.
  • Images in the "Original Icon" section were retrieved from the old catalog page. Attempting to access items will revert to the new layout.
  • In early May 2019, all on-sale BC, TBC, and OBC-exclusive items became available for all users to purchase.
    • On June 25, 2019, all on-sale rental items were transformed to nonrental items and some off-sale items were transformed to trophies but still showed the rental detail in the description.

Community creations

User-generated content update

During August 2019, Roblox introduced a new feature called user generated content to the avatar shop which allows users to be able to publish their own items. All items created by users besides Roblox can be viewed under the "Community Creations" category.

Eligible users

This list contains all of the users who are currently creating new items right now, with the exclusion of Roblox Video Stars: None for now...

Name change

On December 4, 2019, givenothingback revealed that they are testing "Avatar Shop" as a new name for the catalog.[1] She stated that once they are finished testing they will revert the change. However, it has been several years since the change with no word from the developers, and the name has not been reverted. The URL of the avatar shop, however, still refers to it as "catalog."

Types of items

An example of a sponsored item, the Hot Wheels RC Street Hawk, sponsoring Hot Wheels.

Sponsored items were usually sold for 1 Ticket, but since the removal of tickets, sponsor items are now free. Some sponsored items can only be obtained through promo codes for a limited time, or occasionally later put on-sale (for example, the Transylvanian Hood was obtainable for a few days via the code "HOTELT2", but was later on-sale for 1 ticket). Free items are some of the fastest-selling items.

Rental items

Rental items were items that have a set expiration date. They were introduced on June 3, 2009.[2] Many gears did have expiration times, not limited to gears but other catalog items. Some Sponsored items such as the Flintstones Car and The Amazing Spider-Man are rental items. They had 4-week and 2-week rentals, respectively. On June 25, 2019, nearly all currently on-sale rental items were discontinued meaning there is not many Rental items on-sale that can still be bought, and the Rental detail does show up for off-sale items. As of March 2021, the last few items with Rentals on them were removed.

Timed items

As shown on the catalog page.

As shown on its own page.

A timer is something that is placed on exclusive items lasting for a rather short period of time, this is shown on the avatar shop or the item's page itself. Timed items have this countdown on them. They are usually put on normal or limited unique items during a sale or special holiday. Once the countdown has reached its choke, the item goes off-sale and is updated, Sometimes, Roblox would randomly make various items that were on-sale for a period of time timed, usually, so Roblox can focus on other catalog items. Some examples include the Fallen Artemis Bow gear item being marked as timed sometime during March or April 2016, and the Red ROBLOX Glider gear item being marked as timed during early July 2016. Some holiday-related items or items related to a special event would go on-sale sometime before or during a holiday or special event and become timed, and would usually go off-sale once the holiday or special event the catalog item is related to is over. An example would be the Classic ROBLOX Pumpkin Head, which is only available during the month of October and would be put off-sale once Halloween ends. Some items are immediately marked as timed after they go on-sale. For example, the Blue Sparkle Time Bowler was timed for one day for 5,000 Robux sometime during the end of June 2016. Occasionally, these items would later become limited items (usually during a sale, such as a President's Day sale, a Memorial Day sale, a Labor Day sale, or a Black Friday sale).

Layered clothing

example of Layer Clothing.

On October 14, 2021, it was announced during RDC 2021 that the feature was currently in beta. The feature allows users to pick combinations of clothing to customize their avatar with arbitrary layered clothing items. [3]

Dynamic heads

Dynamic heading alongside layered clothing are currently in beta. Once released, users will be allowed to use facial expressions and emotes to life.

Deep avatar shop

The "deep avatar shop", also known as the deep catalog, is a name given to the items in the avatar shop that are "hidden" in the "deep" areas of the avatar shop. Some notable items in the deep avatar shop are Item, a LimitedU item, adslkasljdfla'd, and an unnamed hat which only consists of a period in its title and has no content. Players will usually use their imaginations to create myths and legends surrounding these types of avatar shop items, as the purpose of these items is either for testing or through some kind of mistake during uploading the item.

Role in trade currency

Until April 15, 2016, players could use the Trade Currency button to exchange tickets for Robux, and vice versa. This often helped when users wanted to purchase items being sold for Robux since it was a currency that only Builders Club members got a stipend of. This feature was removed after the removal of Tickets.

Renaming of the catalog

On December 5, 2019, the catalog was renamed to the avatar shop, seemingly out of nowhere. This caused a large amount of confusion across the Roblox community, with some even claiming that it was 'unnecessary' and 'ridiculous'.

This change was announced at RDC 2019, showing the merged catalog and avatar editor in action on a mobile device. As of now, this catalog and avatar editor merging has taken effect on mobile devices. It was likely the renaming of the catalog would be in preparation for this merge.



As clothing templates are readily accessible on the Roblox website, many designers face issues with copying. With many popular clothing items, pages of duplicates may be created by users or clothing groups looking to cut into the original designer's sales on that design, leading to Avatar Shop and Library spamming. As there is no way to note original clothing items, players frequently unintentionally purchase clothing that may be copied. Clothing designers frequently see less revenue from their clothing sales when their designs are copied.

Removal of tickets

Tickets were a currency that was awarded to a user when they logged onto their account daily, being 10 tickets (1¢) a day. Tickets could be used to buy some items on the catalog, but it was removed on April 15, 2016. With the removal of tickets as a Roblox currency in, the only way to purchase items from the Roblox catalog is through Robux. Tickets were removed right after the Tixapalooza event which resulted in many players being forced to buy Robux or BC in order to buy paid items. Along with the removal of tickets, the Trade Currency feature was also removed.

Price floor

Initially, clothing assets could be put on-sale for a minimum of one ticket or one Robux. A price floor was added in 2013 that raised the minimum price of clothing to 300 tickets or 25 Robux. The price floor on clothing currently set to 2 Robux for T-shirts and 5 Robux for shirts and pants, many players are unable to purchase clothing items without purchasing Robux or Premium.

Technical issues

  • When a player loses connection while on the avatar shop, a red box will appear on top of the avatar shop, notifying them the avatar shop is "unavailable". When a limited unique item is released onto the avatar shop, they will rarely not have the option to be bought, sold and will not have any stock.
  • Any section including shirts, pants, any accessories, anything that can have more than 20 pages, will break and won't go past page 20. This has been an ongoing issue unsolved for several years to this day. It was decided to end the avatar shop at page 20, making it harder to search for items.

Limited item glitches

As of 2019, some limited items released during the Presidents' Day 2019 Sale have glitched, allowing players to purchase them for free and allowing infinite copies to be sold. Items such as the Torque the Blue Orc, the Disgraced Baroness of the Federation, and Ruby Archfey Visage experienced this glitch allowing thousands of players to obtain these items for free.

Rental items

Rental items were items that you could have had for a specific time. Most of the players didn't like this feature and wanted it removed. On June 25 2019, Rental items were discontinued, on March 2021, Rental items were completely removed.