My Restaurant! is a restaurant tycoon game created by BIG Games™. It was released on June 26, 2020. In the game, players must build and design their own restaurant to make the most profit.

The game is similar to Restaurant Tycoon 2 in terms of functionality and layout.


The player begins by going through the tutorial. The game teaches basic mechanics, like taking orders, cooking, serving, taking dirty plates, and hiring new workers. Workers can help assist the player to do these tasks themselves, allowing the player to do other actions.

When an order is completed, the customer gives cash, depending on the food recipe, and if they are a VIP or celebrity customer. Higher-tiered customers give more cash. Cash can be used to buy decor, better appliances, and furniture. Appliances are key in speeding up the process, as higher-quality appliances take less time to cook food, wash dirty places, etc..

Players can also use their money to unlock new floors, expanding their restaurant's size significantly. They can also buy new themes.


The user interface has a number of features that the player can access.

  • Staff Menu: Hire new chefs and waiters.
  • Recipe Menu: See all unlocked recipes, along with their value.
  • Floors Menu: Fast access to unlocked floors. The player can also unlock new floors here.
  • Settings: Can change certain settingss, along with various statistics.
  • Boosts Menu: Purchase robux-limited boosts and amplifiers.


The game has numerous gamepasses that the player can purchase, such as item bundles, richer customers, a VIP pass, a restaurant size increase, a money tree, etc..

BIG Shop

The BIG Shop is where players buy items such as appliances, tables, chairs, lights, and many other items to customize their restaurant.


This game has received criticism for copying Restaurant Tycoon 2, as both have similar gameplay aspects and design. The game is also criticized for its abundance of gamepasses.

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