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Pet Simulator is a simulator game developed by BIG Games Simulators. It has a sequel titled Pet Simulator 2. In this game, you collect pets that help you with collecting coins. Work your way through the game to discover new areas and pets that make the grind easier.


Upon spawning for the first time, you are given a choice to choose a cat or a dog. When selecting either one, you can give it a name, then you can begin collect coins and chests.

Coins is the main currency of the game. There are multiple types of coins in the game. They can be stacked, chests, etc. Higher type biomes award more coins. Coins are used to purchase eggs in order to get better pets.

Eggs are the main way to gain more and better pets. Higher tier eggs require more coins to buy, but will grant better pets than lower tier pets.

Trading is a major mechanic in Pet Simulator. This allows players to trade pets, in order to gain ones they don't already have. This however can be cheated, as you can give new players powerful pets.

There are many biomes to be explored in this game. There are currently 3 main worlds, which in those worlds are splitted into sections. The 3 main worlds are Overworld, Moon, and Winter Wonderland.

Developer Products and Gamepasses

Pet Simulator has an assortment of gamepasses. They are currently 15 gamepasses that can be purchased. They can range from teleportation, higher luck for rarer pets, multiple egg opening, more inventory space, etc.

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