Pet Simulator 2 is a simulator game developed by BIG Games Simulators. It is the sequel to the formerly popular simulator titled Pet Simulator.


Much like the first titled game, you have to collect coins, gems, and presents with your pets by clicking on them. By collecting these currencies you can unlock new worlds, or hatch an egg to get a new pet. As of Update 1 a player can create golden pets which have 2x the strength of their normal version. These golden pets can be made using the Golden Machine at spawn, when you unlock the "Golden Pets" upgrade. All upgrades are unlocked by progressing through the game, and unlike most other simulator games there are no gamepasses to buy.


Like any other game, this game uses to pay to win features to get better at the game. For instance, when buying Forever VIP you receive a Legendary Pheonix Pet, which will help you get better at the game, making it unfair for new players. Many people in the BIG Games Simulators Discord server are wanting a change to happen in the game. You can also turn your Pet Simulator gamepasses into a certain amount of time of VIP in this game.

  • Note: This criticism is obsolete as there are now better pets than the Phoenix.

VIP Perks

VIP allows players to access worlds that are not yet released to for all players. Purchasing Forever VIP also gives a player, an extra equipped pet, 250 extra pet slots, a special VIP chat nametag, and a special join message. 

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