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BLOXgiving was a Roblox holiday celebrated by many Roblox players. Bloxgiving was celebrated on the 1st of November in the United States, and around the same part of the year in other places.


This BLOXgiving we're challenging you to find components of a traditional Thanksgiving Feast in each of our featured games. You will earn a prize for each one you find! In addition to that there are special BLOXgiving achievements in each game. Earn all 6 prizes to receive the coveted Pilgrim Bloxikin at the end of the event!


Name Image Creator/Group
Super Bomb Survival!!
BLOXGiving 2014 Super Bomb Survival Thumbnail.jpg
The Mad Murderer
BLOXGiving 2014 The Mad Murderer Thumbnail.jpg
Roblox High School
BLOXGiving 2014 ROBLOX High School Thumbnail.jpg


Name Game Image Objective
Autumnal Tall Top Hat Super Bomb Survival!! Autumnal Tall Top Hat.png Survive a round in the game.
Turkey Parade Float Super Bomb Survival!! Turkey Parade Float.png Find and collect the hat in a round.
Gravy Scarf Roblox High School
Gravy Scarf.png
Find and collect the hat somewhere around the map.
Golden Feather Fedora Roblox High School
Golden Feather Fedora.png
Find and collect a Golden Turkey that only spawns during the sunset.
Mad Turkey Carver Necklace The Mad Murderer
Mad Turkey Carver Necklace.png
Successfully kill all the innocents and the sheriff as the murderer.
Pumpkin Piephones The Mad Murderer
Pumpkin Piephones.png
Find and collect the hat in a round.

Grand Prize

Name Image Objective
BLOXikin #35 Pilgrim
BLOXikin -35 Pilgrim.png
Get all event prizes within the deadline.