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Bloxtober (stylized as BLOXtober) was a Halloween event that took place throughout October 2013 on Roblox. The event was inspired by the success of the 2013 Roblox Easter Egg Hunt. The event featured purchasable gifts, Halloween costumes, and a scavenger hunt for minifigures called "BLOXikins."

Halloween 2013: The Witching Hour


Name Image Creator/Group
Halloween 2013: The Witching Hour
Halloween 2013 The Witching Hour

The idea of a Halloween game was first introduced during the 2013 Virtual BLOXcon. The map had an area of 20,000 by 20,000 studs, making it the largest official Roblox event game to date. The map was dotted with multiple swamps, forests, and pumpkin patches. There were also several "landmarks", most of which had NPCs who would give you quests.

The point of the game was to defeat Bloxhilda, a wicked witch whose goal was to conquer and rule the city of Bloxburg, where the game takes place. Players could collect costumes and be assisted by NPCs (Roblox admins) in order to complete this task. The game contained several key components to game-play. One of these concepts was that of companions. Companions were animals that were created to aid players in completing their required tasks. They could be customized and upgraded by players as they gain more experience.

Another key component to the game-play of the place was a consumable. Consumables were items that could be purchased in game multiple times that helped players in their conquests. Some examples of things that consumables could unlock include currency, keys, and ammunition.


Name Image Objective
BLOXikin #01 Skeleton Builderman
BLOXikin -01 Skeleton Builderman
To be added.
BLOXikin #02 Vampire Shedletsky
BLOXikin -02 Vampire Shedletsky
To be added.
BLOXikin #03 Bella Vampire BrightEyes
BLOXikin -03 Bella Vampire BrightEyes
To be added.
BLOXikin #04 Witch ReeseMcBlox
BLOXikin -04 Witch ReeseMcBlox
To be added.
BLOXikin #05 Mummy OstrichSized
BLOXikin -05 Mummy OstrichSized
To be added.
BLOXikin #06 Swamp Monster Jeditkacheff
BLOXikin -06 Swamp Monster Jeditkacheff
To be added.
BLOXikin #07 Grim Reaper Sorcus
BLOXikin -07 Grim Reaper Sorcus
To be added.
BLOXikin #08 Black Cat Tarabyte
BLOXikin -08 Black Cat Tarabyte
To be added.
BLOXikin #09 Zombie StickmasterLuke
BLOXikin -09 Zombie StickmasterLuke
To be added.
BLOXikin #10 Frankenstein Fusroblox
BLOXikin -10 Frankenstein Fusroblox
To be added.
BLOXikin #11 Werewolf OnlyTwentyCharacters
BLOXikin -11 Werewolf OnlyTwentyCharacters
To be added.
BLOXikin #12 Ghost SolarCrane
BLOXikin -12 Ghost SolarCrane
To be added.
BLOXikin #13 Devil ChiefJustus
BLOXikin -13 Devil ChiefJustus
To be added.
BLOXikin #14 Jack-o-Lantern ROBLOXian
BLOXikin -14 Jack-o-Lantern ROBLOXian
To be added.
BLOXikin #15 Pumpkin Girl ROBLOXian
BLOXikin -15 Pumpkin Girl ROBLOXian
To be added.
BLOXikin #16 Bat ROBLOXian
BLOXikin -16 Bat ROBLOXian
To be added.
BLOXikin #17 Bat Girl ROBLOXian
BLOXikin -17 Bat Girl ROBLOXian
To be added.
BLOXikin #18 Spider ROBLOXian
BLOXikin -18 Spider ROBLOXian
To be added.
BLOXikin #19 Spider Girl ROBLOXian
BLOXikin -19 Spider Girl ROBLOXian
To be added.
BLOXikin #20 Raven ROBLOXian
BLOXikin -20 Raven ROBLOXian
To be added.
BLOXikin #21 Owl Girl ROBLOXian
BLOXikin -21 Owl Girl ROBLOXian
To be added.
BLOXikin #22 Cthulhu
BLOXikin -22 Cthulhu
To be added.
BLOXikin #23 Kaiju
BLOXikin -23 Kaiju
To be added.
BLOXikin #24 Ooze Monster
BLOXikin -24 Ooze Monster
To be added.
BLOXikin #25 Scarecrow
BLOXikin -25 Scarecrow
To be added.
BLOXikin #26 Bride of Frankenstein
BLOXikin -26 Bride of Frankenstein
To be added.
BLOXikin #27 Gargoyle
BLOXikin -27 Gargoyle
To be added.
BLOXikin #28 Yodalien
BLOXikin -28 Yodalien
To be added.
BLOXikin #29 Hallo-bot
BLOXikin -29 Hallo-bot
To be added.
BLOXikin #30 InvisibleMan
BLOXikin -30 InvisibleMan
To be added.
BLOXikin #31 Headless Horseman
BLOXikin -31 Headless Horseman
To be added.

Grand Prizes

Name Image Objective
Halloween Checkered Bow Tie
Halloween Checkered Bow Tie
Awarded to players who collected one BLOXikin.
Spookoween Hat
Spookoween Hat
Awarded to players who collected at least five BLOXikins.
Amethyst Vampire Collar
Amethyst Vampire Collar
Awarded to players who collected at least ten BLOXikins.
Bat Phones
Bat Phones
Awarded to players who collected at least fifteen BLOXikins.
Noir Riddling Skull
Noir Riddling Skull
Awarded to players who collected at least twenty BLOXikins.
Purple Pumpkin Inferno
Purple Pumpkin Inferno
Awarded to players who collected at least twenty-five BLOXikins.
Cloak of the Living Dead
Cloak of the Living Dead
Awarded to players who collected at least thirty BLOXikins.
Orange Banded Top Hat
Orange Banded Top Hat
Awarded to players who collected all 31 BLOXikins and defeated Bloxhilda in the Witching Hour Halloween Game.

Early Access Items

These items were given to players who purchased early access to the game.

Name Image
Deadly Fedora
Deadly Fedora
Zombie Headrow
Zombie Headrow


There were a total of thirteen gifts put on-sale during Bloxtober 2013. The gifts were revealed over a time period of thirteen days. Each of these gifts could only be obtained by purchasing it. The gifts were only on sale for a certain amount of time before they are taken off sale. Each gift was be opened a few days after it was taken off sale.

Gift Image Price Open Date Prize Image
Gift of the Dark Night
Opened Gift of the Dark Night
100 Robux October 4, 2013 Night Bat Shades
Night Bat Shades
Gift of the Survivor
Opened Gift of the Survivor
500 Robux October 7, 2013 Tiger's Eye Eye
Tiger's Eye Eye
Gift of Ex-fear-ience
Opened Gift of Ex-fear-ience
200 Robux October 8, 2013 Vlad the Impaler, VIII
Vlad the Impaler, VIII
Shady Gift of Spiders
Opened Shady Gift of Spiders
300 Robux October 9, 2013 Spider Shades
Spider Shades
Gift of the Merry Prankster
Opened Gift of the Merry Prankster
250 Robux October 10, 2013 The Merry Prankster
The Merry Prankster
Gift of Forbidden Magic
Opened Gift of Forbidden Magic
350 Robux October 11, 2013 Dr. Spooks Magic Top Hat
Dr. Spooks Magic Top Hat
Horror of the Pack Gift
Horror of the Pack Gift
500 Robux October 14, 2013 White Fang
White Fang New
Gift of the Halloween Fedora
Opened Gift of the Halloween Fedora
750 Robux October 15, 2013 Jack O Lantern Fedora
Jack O Lantern Fedora
Sinister Gift of Autumn
Opened Sinister Gift of Autumn
1,000 Robux October 15, 2013 Sinister V.
Sinister V
Elegant Gift of the Mad Scientist
Opened Elegant Gift of the Mad Scientist
1,500 Robux October 16, 2013 Frankenstein Top Hat
Frankenstein Top Hat
Shrieking Gift of Doom
Opened Shrieking Gift of Doom
3,000 Robux October 16, 2013 Shriek
Fancy Gift of Fright
Opened Fancy Gift of Fright
5,000 Robux October 17, 2013 Sharp Dressed Pumpkin Man
Sharp Dressed Pumpkin Man
Big BOOtiful Gift of Destiny
Opened Big BOOtiful Gift of Destiny
31,000 Robux October 17, 2013 Doomsekkar

Costume Contest

On October 14, Roblox announced a virtual Halloween Costume contest. It was a contest judging a player's virtual Halloween style, and the winners were awarded prizes. The winners (Top Three), received a free virtual item. Also, in the Halloween Event, if any Robloxian wears one of the winning packages, they received a helpful item in game. More information here.



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