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For similar titled events, see BLOXtober.

Bloxtober (stylized as BLOXtober) 2014 is the second BLOXtober Halloween event to take place on Roblox. It lasts the entire month of October. The event features the release of thirteen presents available for purchase (one was released each day), and the release of an annual Halloween game. This year's game is entitled Hallow's Eve 2014: The Witching Hour Returns, which was released to the public on October 13, 2014.


"Monsters have invaded ROBLOX. Mummies, Lizard people, Ghosts, and creatures too horrible to name here. We need a hero to defend us from what hides in the darkness! Are you brave enough to be that hero?"




Price (Robux) Status Prize Image
Batty Gift of Affordable Style Batty Gift of Affordable Style.png 50 ROBUX Offsale Batty Scarf of Affordable Style
Gift of ROBLOXians Past Gift of Robloxians Past.png 100 ROBUX Limited Skull of Robloxians Past
Skull of Robloxians Past.png
Gift of the 9th Great Power Gift of the 9th Great Power.png 300 ROBUX Offsale Vlad the Impaler, IX
Vlad the Impaler XI.png
Mystical Gift of the Arbor Mystical Gift of the Arbor.png 250 ROBUX Offsale Deluxe Raig Tree
Epic Gift of the Undead Fiend Opened Epic Gift of the Undead Fiend.png 500 ROBUX Offsale Epic Vampire Face
Epic Vampire Face.png
Gift of the Final Reaper
600 ROBUX Offsale Final Reaper
Final Reaper.png
Victorian Gift of Vague Terror
700 ROBUX Offsale Macabre Miliner
Macabre Milliner.png
Musical Gift from the Grave
800 ROBUX Limited Death Metal Headphones
Death Metal Headphones.png
Gift of the Sinister Gourd
Gift of the Sinister Gourd.png
1000 ROBUX Limited Sinister Q
Sinister Q.png
Reverse Gift of the Undertaker Reverse Gift of the Undertaker.png 2000 ROBUX Offsale Masked Hood of the Overseeker
Masked Hood of the Overseeker.png
Villainous Gift of the Archfiend Villainous gift of the Archfiend.png 2000 ROBUX Offsale Archfiend's Trophy Shoulders
Archfiend's Trophy Shoulders.png
Black Iron Gift of Winged Fright Black Iron Gift of Winged Fright.png 10000 ROBUX Offsale Black Iron Bathelm
Black Iron Bathelm.png
Big Gift of the Phantom Hunter Big Gift of the Phantom Hunter.png 31000 ROBUX Limited Ghosdeeri

Extra Gift

As a promotional item for a show on Disney XD known as "Kirby Buckets", Roblox included a gift themed from the show.



Price Status Prize Image
Kirby Buckets Gift Box Kirby Buckets Gift Box.png 1 ticket Offsale Dr. Gutpunch's Glove
Dr. Gutpunch’s Glove.png

Hallow's Eve 2014 : The Witching Hour Returns

2014-Hallow's Eve.png

Hallow's Eve 2014 : The Witching Hour Returns was the sequel to Halloween 2013: The Witching Hour released in BLOXtober 2013. In the game, players fought different types of monsters in order to protect a cauldron. Users could also gain prizes by defeating different types of monsters.


There were seven types of common monsters, three types of rare monsters, and even a special monster sponsoring Disney XD's new show, Kirby Buckets, in the game.

Common Monsters

Each type of common monster had four different types of enemies.

  • Frankenstein
  • Ghosts
  • Skeletons
  • Zombies
  • Were-wolfs
  • Dinosaurs
  • Mummies

Rare Monsters

  • Vlad the Impaler
  • Lord Umberhallow
  • Troll Warlord

  • Dawnzilla

Kirby Buckets Sponsor Round

In the game, there was a special round sponsoring Disney XD's new show, Kirby Buckets. Every sponsor round took place in the Crossroads map, and featured one main monster known as Dawnzilla. Also, a special eraser cannon weapon exclusive to the round could be used as a defense.


Players could also buy special weapons to use in-game.


Players who killed all four types of a monster or killed any of the rare ones got a prize corresponding to the monster(s) they killed.



Crystal Skull of Defeated Skeletons
Crystal Skull of Defeated Skeletons.png
Kill all four types of skeletons.
Construction Zombie
Construction Zombie.png
Kill all 4 types of zombies.
Biker Werewolf
Biker Werewolf.png
Kill all 4 types of werewolfs.
Kill all four types of Frankensteins.
Ghost Fedora
Ghost Fedora.png
Kill all 4 types of ghosts.
Wizard Lizard
Wizard Lizard.png
Kill all 4 types of dinosaurs.
Royal Serpent Mummy
Royal Serpent Mummy.png
Kill all 4 types of mummies.
King of the Vlads
King of the Vlads.png
Defeat Vlad the Impaler.
Umberhallow the Extinguished
Umberhallow the Extinguished .png
Defeat Lord Umberhallow.
Obvious Troll
Obvious Troll.png
Defeat the Troll Warlord.
Macho Taco
Macho Taco.png
Defeat Dawnzilla.


Upon BLOXTober's release people we thrilled from how big it seemed with 13 new gifts and what seemed to be a massive event. On September 28, the event was found on "Games" profile giving the title "Hallows Eve 2014: The Witching Hour Returns" with mixed reception. People said it will be bad because of it being a follow up to "Halloween 2013: The Witching Hour" which at the time was panned for it's complexed map and quests. Other people thought the admins learnt their mistakes.

By the time the Gifts ended, people gave them "generally positive" reception offering nice looking gifts, a good looking Sinister item and people loved Ghostdeeri. Despite the positive reception people called some items like "Vlad The Impaler IX" a down grade from its previous year.

When Hallows Eve 2014 released it got "mixed" reception calling it "the size of a sponsor event" and "a sponsor that was shoved in the event poorly". On the bright side, people did like the prizes.

Ovetime "Hallows Eve 2014: The Witching Hour Returns" has been given praise as it has been seen as a better Hallows Eve event.


  • The "Hallows Eve 2014: The Witching Hour" game had maps based on Apocalypse Rising and Work at a Pizza Place.
  • The Prize "Lord Umberhallow The Extinguished" is based off a package on the catalog called "Lord Umberhallow"
  • The Vlad in "Hallows Eve 2014: The Witching Hour Returns" uses a Vlad item from the previous year in 2013 despite the prize, "King of Vlads" including "Vlad The Impaler IX" which was the latest Vlad released days before the event started. 
    • This was most likely because, while "King of Vlad's" was created after the 2014 Vlad released, the badge to Vlad was finalised on October 1, 2014, while the 2014 Vlad, "Vlad the Impaler, IX" was released on October 9, 2014.
  • BLOXTober 2014 had the return of "Epic Face" which was a very high demand and popular face at the time. The face was given a vampire design with original owners giving it negative reception for giving away such an iconic face on the website for a cheap price.
  • To promote the event, the package "Lord Umberhallow" was put back on sale on the catalog throughout October, but was put back off sale after Halloween
  • For an unknown reason, the thumbnail and all the badge images were added on September 30, weeks before the event even released
  • In Hallows Eve 2014, some of the maps are based off some of the most popular Roblox games at the time including, Apocalypse Rising and Work at a Pizza Place
    • Another map used to get the Macho Taco was based off Crossroads
  • Along with Halloween 2013: The Witching Hour, this is the only event that has exclusive gears other than the Egg Hunt series
  • There exists a t-shirt from the game creator "Games" for Hallows Eve 2014 that was used on everyones avatar in-game