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'''Speed '''- Slightly above average
'''Speed '''- Slightly above average
'''Acceleration - '''Average
'''Acceleration - '''Average[[File:Police_Camaro_Jailbreak.png|thumb|283px]]
'''Handling '''- Poor
'''Handling '''- Poor
'''Drifting - '''Poor
'''Drifting -¬†'''Poor‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč
'''Off-road experience - '''Average
'''Off-road experience - '''Average

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Jailbreak is an open-world action game developed by asimo3089 and badcc. It was created on January 2017 and released on April 21, 2017[1].

This game has peaked the most concurrent players in a single game on Roblox surpassing the ROBLOX Easter Egg Hunt 2017 game with about 85,000 players. It was the second game to reach 200 million visits in less than a year and the first to reach 1 billon visits in less than a year. On December 23, the game hit 121,000 concurrent players, a new record for Roblox. Jailbreak is currently the #1 most popular game on the site, maintained by Badimo’s strategic planning for releasing updates. Jailbreak’s huge success has resulted in the game winning 13 awards in the 5th Annual Bloxy Awards 2018.

Jailbreak is the second game to reach one billion place visits, the first being MeepCity. To celebrate, Jailbreak released a content-heavy update on March 3, 2018, which featured a new bank escape route, a new vehicle, new rims, and free rocket fuel every day for all players.

Jailbreak takes heavy inspiration from Prison Life by Aesthetical and Redwood Prison by RoyStanford, but focuses more on gameplay outside the prison. It looks much different, but it uses similar weapons. It is credited with causing noticeable losses to both games, with Prison Life and Redwood Prison both losing nearly half of their players since Jailbreak came out, even though both were growing in popularity before it came. However, it has also seen significant criticism compared to Prison Life & Redwood, which is largely a result of the game being more or less stagnant at the #1 or #2 most popular game spot on the front page.


Jailbreak continues the tradition of Cops and Robbers, with two playable teams known as Police, and Prisoner (Criminal). Police spawn either in the police station at the prison or at the police base near the city. All players can use C to crouch, F to punch, and hold shift while walking to sprint. Police spawn with three things:

  • Pistol - Damages prisoners and criminals from a distance.
  • Handcuffs - Send prisoners and criminals back to their cell.
  • Taser - Stun prisoners and criminals when hit. Reloads faster when the taser misses.

Meanwhile, Prisoners spawn in a cell or elsewhere in the prison with nothing. If they have a Keycard, the Prisoner is allowed to open all security doors until the Prisoner dies. Using the Keycard, you can escape the prison and become a Criminal. However, the police officers will be notified of this pickpocketing and may chase you down and arrest you without penalty. Sometimes, there might be items in the drawers and you can take them, like weapons and Keycards. Police can even put tasers and handcuffs in them, but sadly they do not work for Prisoners. You can store items in the drawers for later, but you can only store in one drawer at a time (three if you have the Extra Storage gamepass). If you are a cop and continuously kill or arrest innocent Prisoners who have not bypassed the prison’s security, have not obtained a weapon/Keycard and have not damaged a Police officer recently, you will be warned. If you repeat this process of attempting to arrest innocent Prisoners, you will be forced to join the Prisoner team. This also deducts your total account of money, which can be earned by arresting criminals. 

Escape Routes

Escape routes are ways to escape from the prison allowing prisoners to run/drive away from the prison, making prisoners a criminal. The escape routes are:

  • Yard
    • A door requiring a keycard is in the middle of the prison wall. Opening the door leads to a ladder then the top of the prison wall.
      • Players will need to crawl while on the wall to jump off the gate to a Camaro.
  • Door Jump
    • Players use skill and agility to jump on a door frame by a unknown power box, then jump off the door frame over the electric fence to the gate.
      • This as since been patched
  • Power Box
    • A power box with a sign displaying a message, "Please don't punch me!". If the box is punched ten¬†times, the gate opens and players are required to lift a gate and crawl under.
      • This is the most common route and therefore cops often camp here waiting for prisoners to arrest.
  • Exploding Fence
    • Players could find a part of a prison wall which can be destroyed. After exploding, this leads a route to the outside.¬†
    • Replacing the previous escape route is the exploding fence. Players are now able to explode part of a prison fence, leading them to the prison parking lot where they are easily able to escape under the prison's main gate.¬†
  • Cop Control Gate
    • A route which players rarely use require the help of a cop. Beside the helicopter, a button can be pressed, opening the gate allowing prisoners to gain access to the parking lot and escape.
  • Cop Car
    • After escaping with one of these techniques, the player cannot use the normal route to escape by crawling under the gate control. Instead, jumping onto a police car and over the gate can give prisoners faster access to the Camaro. ***Prisoners will take damage when going over the gate.
  • Parking Lot Gate
    • A gate at the parking lot requiring a keycard or controllable in a room, players can either drive at the gate and crash into it which also opens the gate or, besides the control room, it has a terrain mistake players can use to escape.
  • Visitor Centre
    • A keycard is required to access this center, which leads to a door to the parking lot. ***Prisoners rarely use this route.

Items & Weapons in-game


  • Pistol - 8 Rounds. 1 bullet per shot. Police officers spawn with it and it can be pickpocketed by prisoners/criminals.
  • Shotgun - 4 rounds, much more damage up close, 4 bullets per shot.
  • M4A1/SWAT Rifle [Requires SWAT gamepass] - 20 rounds and high fire rate. Fully automatic.
  • AK-47 - 30 rounds, Fully automatic. Found at the shooting range by the donut shop. Similar to the SWAT gun, but deals less damage. High fire rate.


  • Keycard - Grants prisoners and criminals access to Keycard-required doors, and the Bank. Unnecessary for police officers as they can open all doors with an exception for the front door of the Bank, which can only be accessed when it is open, and all bank doors can be opened during an active robbery.
  • Handcuffs - Only used by police officers (also prisoners in certain circumstances) who spawn with them. Sends prisoners and criminals back to their cell. No effect when used by prisoners or criminals.
  • Taser - Only used by police officers (also prisoners in certain circumstances) who spawn with it. Stun prisoners and criminals when hit turns the stunned character into ragdoll mode. No effect when used by prisoners or criminals.
  • Riot Shield - [Requires SWAT gamepass] Decreases bullet damage by 60% when active, but also decreases movement speed by around 35%.
  • Police Hat - Hat for police officers, just for cosmetic purposes.
  • Police Uniform - For cosmetic purposes. (Note: Some prisoners will try to imitate this outfit by using a similar shirt and pants from the ROBLOX Catalog.)
  • SWAT Uniform [Requires SWAT gamepass] - For cosmetic purposes
  • SWAT Helmet and Mask - [Requires SWAT gamepass] For cosmetic purposes.
  • Donut - A donut which can be eaten, found at the donut shop in the town.
  • Flashlight - Emits a very low amount of light found at the police station near the prison, and police station also can be found near the radio tower.
  • Binoculars- It can be used by camping cops or even criminals to see if any enemy is coming near them.


Note: The information in this section is outdated and needs to be updated and people are ruining it by adding "toilet in them".


Description - The only free police get-away car with awesome "Deja Vu" drifting as well. Although it is useful for a first-time player the car has bad handling and is widely known to be the the  slowest car in the entire game, behind the Truck, and therefore people may get out of hand and control in this car, especially during a police get-away.

Horsepower - 300hp in average

Speed - Average 

Acceleration - Average


Handling - Poor

Drifting - Poor

Off-road experience - Average

Engine overall - Slightly below average

Seats - 2

Price - Free of charge

Customizable - Yes

Spawns - When you have escaped the Prison, turn left and notice a Camaro straight ahead. It also spawns at the criminal bases.


Police Camaro

Description - The police-themed Camaro, which always appears in blue, slim color and has functional police light bars. This car speeds up faster than the regular Camaro, which gives some good chase!

Horsepower - 320hp in average

Speed - Slightly above average

Acceleration - Average
Police Camaro Jailbreak

Handling - Poor

Drifting -¬†Poor‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč

Off-road experience - Average

Engine overall - Average

Seats - 2

Price - Free of charge

Customizable - Yes (excluding the light bars)

Spawns - When you escape the main grounds of the Prison, turn left for the parking lot and you will notice a Police Camaro in the middle of it and it also spawns in the city police station.

Pickup Truck

Description - The design of the Pickup Truck is mainly inspired by the first gen Dodge Ram pickup with a few exceptions. This snappy pickup truck is slower than the Camaro, however the Camaro may catch up at sharp bends because the Pickup Truck would slow down a little rather than drifting, because the Pickup Truck is a heavier car then all the other cars of this game, and so it will need to control the entire body design, even the flatbed, therefore being slightly harder to control with. The flatbed is sleek and smooth, with two silver platforms at both sides.

Horsepower - 350hp in average

Speed - Average

Acceleration - Average

Handling - Poor

Drifting - Very poor

Off-road experience - Good

Engine overall - Slightly below average

Seats - 4, two in the front and a pair of gunners on the flatbed.

Price - $9,000

Customizable - Yes (excluding the flatbed)

Sales - Not many people buy this one, although it can be seen sometimes.

Spawns - Escape the Prison and turn left to take a Camaro up ahead of you. Once you are in the Camaro turn right and drive straight ahead until you meet up with the Gas Station, which is where the Pickup Truck spawns at.

Tesla Model 3

Description - Also known as Electric Car and Model 3, this car is really cheap for speed and is much faster than the basics and regulars. Unlike all the other vehicles the engine is quiet and has a "savage" kind of noise. A brilliant advantage for a police get-away yet so cheap, and no need to buy a Lambo or Bugatti! However, this can be a glitchy car for lower tier devices.

Horsepower - 300 hp

Speed - Fast

Acceleration - Great

Handling - Good

Drifting - Average

Off-road experience - Good

Engine overall - Good

Seats - 4

Price - $16,000

Customizable - Yes

Sales - An uncommon car, but can be seen a bit more than cars like the Pickup Truck and Dune Buggy.

Spawns - Escape the Prison and turn left to get a Camaro straight ahead. In the Camaro drive straight ahead of you and when you have just passed the garage, turn left where the Bank is. Continue straight ahead for a parking lot where there are some "Badimo" chargers, and a Tesla should show up there. There is also another parking lot with Badimo chargers in it at the opposite side of the other parking lot. Turn right where the jewelry store is located at and then turn right again at the first T junction to find another parking lot with Badimo chargers in it, and a Tesla should show up there as well.

Mini Cooper

Description - This vehicle is the smallest car in the game. This car can easily start up and drive off with excellent acceleration, easily leaving your foes behind. Such acceleration this is, as the Bugatti can not start accelerating faster than the wee little Mini!

Horsepower - 250 bhp in average

Speed - Above average

Acceleration - Excellent

Handling - Great

Drifting - Average

Off-road experience - Good

Engine overall - Great

Seats - 2

Price - $25,000

Customizable - Yes

Sales - Although cheap and with powerful acceleration, the vast majority of people do not choose this car.

Spawns - Escape the Prison and turn left for the Camaro. In the Camaro, turn left for the tunnel to the Neighborhood. A Mini should be parked in front of an orange bungalow alongside a garage.

Dirt Bike

Description -  The Dirt Bike is the smallest vehicle in the game but it goes faster than average and is also the first 2-Wheeled vehicle in the game.

Want to escape with your bud on the back of the Bike? The vehicle has very fast turning, it can very easily go through the thin alleys of the city, confusing the cops chasing you, but It is not great for off-roading.                   Horsepower "- " currently not answered yet

Speed - Above Average                                                                                 

Acceleration  - Great

Handling -  Poor

Off-road experience - Far Above average

Engine overall - Good

Seats -2

Price -  $35,000

Sales -  You will occasionally see it now, but back then it was popular.

Spawns -  Escape the Prison and turn left to the Camaro. In the Camaro, turn left for the tunnel to the sand dunes. Go up to where the bridge is, and there should be power lines. Go and follow where they go. There are actually two spawns, both along the power line posts



Description - Introduced in the 1 Billion visit update, Jailbreak's very first SUV is approximately the same speed as the Camaro, making it not worth its $40,000 price. But if you love the idea of an SUV and don't mind paying a lot of money, this vehicle is the choice for you.

Horsepower - Currently not answered yet

Speed -Currently not answered yet

Acceleration - Average

Handling -Poor

Drifting - Poor

Off-road experience - Average

Engine overall - Average

Seats - 4

Price - $40,000

Customizable- Yes

Spawns - When you escape the main grounds of the prison, turn right and you will notice a SUV parked just outside of the Police Station gates, near the SWAT van.

Dune Buggy

Description - Dune buggies are mainly known for their awesome and wild off-roading, even in this game. In this game, this ATV version can get out of control due to bouncing on the off-road tracks too often, but despite that it is a fast vehicle. This car is slightly taller than the Camaro. The huge flaw of this vehicle that compared to other vehicles of this game, this dune buggy ATV does not have a good acceleration, and not to mention about too much bouncing around.

Horsepower - 6 hp

Speed - Fast

Acceleration - Slightly poor

Handling - Varies

Drifting - Poor

Off-road experience - Excellent

Engine overall - Slightly average


Seats - 3, two in the front and a gunner at the back.

Price - $45,000

Customizable - Yes

Sales - Formerly very popular, now barely used.

Spawns - Escape the Prison, then turn left for the Camaro straight ahead. Drive straight forward, then turn left where the Bank is. Turn right and drive straight ahead for the sand dunes. Turn left for the small sandy trail and gradually you will notice a huge rock arch once you drive through a few sand dunes. A dune buggy is seen under the rock arch.


Description - A car brand based off the First Generation Shelby Mustang . An old-fashioned sports car which is capable of going above the speed of the average car

Horsepower - 350hp in average

Speed - Above average


Acceleration - Good

Handling - Good

Drifting - Very good

Off-road experience - Average

Engine overall - Good

Seats - 2

Price - $50,000

Customizable - Yes

Sales - Because this is quite a new vehicle, some players own this car.

Spawns - Escape the Prison and take a Camaro on your left. Once you are in your Camaro take a left turn to the tunnel and park at the Shooting Range which is where the Mustang should spawn at.

Porsche 918

Description - A very speedy and dear 2-seat convertible, only before the Lamborghini and Bugatti, and after the speed of the Tesla Model 3. 

Horsepower - 420 hp in average

Speed - Very fast

Acceleration - Good

Handling - Good
Porshe yellow

Drifting - Average

Off-road experience - Great

Engine overall - Great

Seats - 2, since this Porsche is a convertible, the passenger is a gunner.

Price - $70,000

Customizable - Yes

Sales - Because of its expense and that the majority of people do not choose this convertible, this car is a hidden gem.

Spawns - Escape the Prison and take a Camaro on your left. Once you are in the Camaro head straight for the City. When you have passed the Garage turn right for the Jewellery Store and turn right again. Turn right once again to drive up a round uphill road, leading to the Radio Tower. A Porsche should spawn at the parking lot.


Description - A fancy sports car based off the Lamborghini Aventador model. It takes time for it to rev up more speed time by time. This model is a good getaway vehicle, and people have been praising this car for its extra cheap price yet very good features.

Horsepower - 750hp in average

Speed - Very fast and slower than the Bugatti.

Acceleration - fair

Handling - Good

Drifting - Average

Off-road experience - Great

Engine overall - Currently not answered yet

Seats - 2

Price - $100,000

Sales - This game is surprisingly common in an average server. The majority of people tend to buy this car.

Spawns - Escape the Prison and turn left for a Camaro stright ahead. Once you are in the Camaro head straight for the city. After you passed the Garage turn left for the Bank, then turn right. The Lamborghini spawns near the Bank. It can also be found inside the newest criminal base.


Volt Bike

One of the newest bikes added to the game, this volt bike is very expensive and futuristic.

Horsepower - Currently not answered yet

Speed - Very fast

Acceleration - Currently not answered yet

Handling - Currently not answered yet

Off-road experience - Currently not answered yet

Engine overall - Incredible

Seats - 1. The person using the bike can also use guns.

Price - Approximately a million (1,000,000).

Sales - Rare, however it’s thought over 1,000 people now own this bike.


Description - An OK but high capacity and powerful police vehicle. This vehicle has special light bars. Please note that this vehicle is exclusive to the people who own the SWAT gamepass.

Horsepower - 550 hp in average

Speed - Above average

Acceleration - Average

Handling - Good

Drifting - Good

Off-road experience - Good

Engine overall - Good                                                                                              

Seats - 4,  two in the front, one moonroof gunner, and another gunner in the trunk.

Price - This car is free once the user buys the SWAT gamepass for R$300.

Sales - Because it requires the SWAT Pass, it is uncommon to see it in a server.

Spawns - Escape the main grounds of prison and turn to your right to notice a SWAT Van nearby.</p>


Description - A fast car that is suitable during a police get-away. Faster than the Lamborghini and it is quick and easy to reach places while driving this car. When you drive this car, the police will not be able to catch up with you!

Horsepower - Currently not answered yet

Speed - Super fast

Acceleration - Currently not answered yet

Handling - Currently not answered yet

Drifting - Good

Off-road experience - Good

Engine overall - Currently not answered yet

Seats - 2

Price - $500,000

Sales - Common nowadays. Not nearly as common as cheaper cars, but this car isn’t becoming more common.

Spawns - Escape the prison and turn left to take a camaro stright ahead. Once you are in the camaro head stright for the city. After you passed the garage turn right for the Jewelry Store and turn left. The Bugatti should spawn between 2 buildings close to the Jewelry Store. 

General Electric ET44AH

Description - A train which has its own AI to drive on tracks. It can also be robbed.

To rob the train, go across the bridge or any surface higher than the train and jump on it. Players then will need to access a red box with a openable red door on the top of the box. Once opened, a safe can be exploded, giving players an opportunity to grab some money and jump out. However, the players will need to walk to gain access to other destinations.


  • City - The main area for robberies or any criminal acts in general.
  • Town¬†- The neighbourhood of millionaires, gun shootouts, mysterious¬†caves, deserts and a magnificent (but small) garage.
  • Garage - Three garage rooms in the same place to customize your vehicle. You can also customize your helicopters here. You can unlock vehicle/chopper modifications by opening safes.¬†
  • Criminal base/hideout - Main criminal spawn. Weapons are scattered around with containers and this is one of the few places where the Camaros spawn.
  • Secret criminal base/hideout - Secondary criminal base. Has a single Lamborghini and two Camaros in it. Weapons are on the table.
  • Bank - A place where criminals can rob. You used to need a key card, but now you can go into the alley, crawl, punch the hatch, enter the new escape route, place the dynamite, and enter the bank. Just be sure to go to the stairs to initiate the robbery! After you enter the bank, make your way through the lasers and to the back where the vault is. Keep your weapons out. You can collect a total of $1,000 ($3,000 with the bigger duffel bag, $4,000 with the VIP.) After you collect your money, exit the bank using either the stairs, or the new, safer route introduced in the 1 billion visit update. You will not receive your money if a police officer arrests you, and the amount of money you stole will be added to your overall bounty. If police enter the bank, you will get a notification at the bottom right of our screen saying, "The police have entered the building!"
  • Jewelry store - A place where criminals can rob. A key card is not required to enter. You can not simply walk through the door though, as it is always locked. Instead you must wait for the glass of the building to randomly break, letting you enter. It only breaks in a certain spot marked by a black X. It also fixes itself once you begin robbing the store.¬†Punching the display of jewels will trigger the alarm, drop barriers which will make no one able to get inside, which will alert cops and send them to the crime scene. You will have to pass two floors of obstacle courses including the second floor, which has security cameras that you must dodge and the third floor, which has a laser obstacle course. The exit is at the top. Robbing the jewelry store is a lot harder than robbing the bank because of the obstacles that are able to kill the criminal and you need to go to the criminal base to get your money which increases the risk of being arrested.¬†
  • Donut Shop - Opposite to the gas station in the village, you can get donuts here and rob employees.
  • Shooting range - Located right next to the Donut Shop in the village, it has an AK-47 and a shooting range inside. The mustang spawns outside of it.¬†
  • The second garage - To find the second garage you need to go to the donut¬†shop and keep on going down the road. You will soon see a garage. It is in close proximity to the secondary criminal base and has space for one car.¬†
  • Gas station - Opposite the Donut Shop, you can rob from employees there. The pickup truck spawns outside of it.
  • Train - The most recently added location to the game, the train follows along the train tracks (obviously). It is able to be robbed but is harder to rob than the Bank and Jewelry store since it is a moving object that often glitches.

Easter eggs

  • Blamo - Behind a tree. Take the right road from the prison then there should be some hills on the far right, there should be a tree with blamo behind it.
  • Sand castle - Does not do anything. Between the sand dunes and a hill.
  • Arnold - 2 buildings right from the bank found at the town. The building is a red 2-story building, on the top-left window there should be a shadow of Arnold from the late 90s Nicktoon "Hey Arnold!".
  • Star - There is a Golden Star behind the Waterfall where the Ferrari spawns.
  • SimBuilder - There is a ROBLOXian named "SimBuilder" near the waterfall at the village with binoculars watching over the village. (Gone)
  • Sunflower - Near the city criminal base, there is an abandoned railroad tunnel. Go through that tunnel. At the right after you go through the tunnel, the only real Flower in the game is there.
  • Paper airplane - There is a paper airplane outside the gas station.
  • Camping cops - Somewhere near the criminal base¬†is a model of police camping (literally camping). This easter egg was later moved somewhere near the tunnel close to the train station[citation needed].
  • Baseball Field - Theres a baseball field behind the red building near the jewlery store.
  • KreekCraft - On the top of the eastern waterfall should be a donkey with a drawing of the Youtuber KreekCraft and a model of¬†his inanimate girlfriend, Carly.¬†


These are essentially Jailbreak’s form of lootboxes, but all items obtained from them are purely for cosmetic purposes to avoid a Pay-2-Win situation.

There are 6 different types of safes that give you various forms of decorations for your vehicles, which can then be applied in a Garage. You can buy them for yourself or gift them to any player you want, and most of the skins in these safes are buyable in the garage (with the exception of The Vault).

  • The 1st safe is the Common safe. It costs $500 and has a chance to give an uncommon safe. It is colored gray. All players get this daily.
  • The 2nd safe is the Uncommon safe. It costs $1000 and has a chance to give the rare safe. The safe is colored blue. VIP members get this daily.
  • The 3rd safe is the Rare safe. It costs $2,500 and has a chance to give an ultra-rare safe. It is colored yellow.
  • The 4th safe is the Ultra Rare safe. It costs $5,000 and has a chance to give a key card or a legendary crate. The safe is colored orange.¬†
  • The 5th safe is the Legendary safe. This safe grants the best car decorations, it costs a whopping $10,000. It is colored red.
  • The 6th and most expensive safe is The Vault and it costs a hefty $30,000. It gives unique items for your vehicle, which cannot be purchased in the garage or unlocked from other chests. It is coloured purple.

Decorations for Vehicles

  • Texture - Decorates your vehicle with a repeated pattern. Overlaps body color.
  • Body Color - Changes your vehicle‚Äôs paint job to the desired color (for the Volt Bike, it only changes the color of the glowing lines on the vehicle and its trail).
  • Window Color - Changes the tint of your vehicle‚Äôs windows (not really a tint, it‚Äôs more like a solid color akin to Body Color and Wheel Color).
  • Glow (LAND VEHICLES ONLY) - Provides your vehicle with a faint colored aura of light around it (much more visible at night or in dark places).
  • Wheel Color (LAND VEHICLES ONLY) (excluding Volt Bike)¬†- Same purpose as body color, but for wheel rims instead.
  • Wheels (LAND VEHICLES ONLY) (excluding Volt Bike)¬†- Changes the rim design on your vehicle‚Äôs tyres.
  • Engine (LAND VEHICLES ONLY) (excluding Volt Bike)¬† - Increases your vehicle‚Äôs performance.
  • Suspension (LAND VEHICLES ONLY) (excluding Volt Bike)¬†- Raises or lowers the suspension of your vehicle depending on the option chosen.
  • License Plate (LAND VEHICLES ONLY) (excluding Volt Bike)¬†- Displays a custom text on your vehicle‚Äôs license plate, located on its rim.

Ways to receive a key card/weapon

Getting a key card

  • Go to a nearby cop and hold E for a couple of seconds. After a few seconds, you will receive the key card. But you also have a chance of getting a pistol.
  • Kill a cop. Once the cop is killed, just go to the dead cop and click on the key card or pistol to pick it up. Do not let any other cops notice you! It is more likely that the cop will drop a pistol instead of a card.
  • If you are playing on Windows 10, you can download Roblox from the Windows store and have a different account as a cop and you, as a prisoner, and hide him somewhere and just get free key cards everytime you get arrested. (It may increase the lag in your games if you run both Roblox applications simultaneously) This is also why you sould upgrade to Windows 10 -Bill Gates

Getting a weapon

  • Escape the prison and go to one of the criminal bases, when you are there, you will see guns in there. Just click on some of the guns to receive them.
  • Shoot a police and simply pick up a pistol.
  • If you have a key card and you are still in prison, stop at the Police Station (if you do not have a key card, ask a police to pickpocket them) and pick up weapons. Remember cops randomly spawn at the police stations.
  • You can also use a road at the right of the jewelery store. Then one you see the roof of the station, drive your car onto the roof. Then jump on your car and get to the helipad. Go down the ladder and collect your weapons.

Criticism of Jailbreak

Most Prison Life and Redwood Prison fans criticize Jailbreak as being a rip-off of the said games. Other people believe that it is clickbait as the game focuses more on heists rather than its titular aspect, which is escaping from the prison. In a tweet from Aesthetical, he asks if Jailbreak could stop stealing players. Badimo has said that while they were heavily inspired from these previous breakout games, the main purpose for creating Jailbreak was that they wanted to expand on the criminal life which was not fleshed out in either Prison Life or Redwood. 

Camping cops are criticized in Jailbreak as they prevent criminals from robbing and prisoners from escaping, however the developers have defended this tactic by saying that they want the game to be somewhat realistic and cops waiting outside to arrest criminals is part of that realism factor. One update has attempted to deter this by adding the extremely rare possibility of getting struck by lightning while being AFK outdoors, but it is simple to stay (or rather camp) under cover.

In the 2018 5th Annual Bloxy Awards, Jailbreak was nominated for categories that would not normally fit in, such as "Best Free-for-All game" (it is team-based rather than a free-for-all). They also won over 10 awards, fuelling suspicions of users who believe the Bloxys are rigged/biased towards Jailbreak.

Recently, there has been a sharp increase in players using exploits to noclip and speedhack in Jailbreak. While the main reason for this spike is still unknown, most players are highly irritated by these exploiters and are calling on Badimo to take action against them. However, the developers have stated that they are still trying to find a solution to these exploits and that not even Roblox engineers can figure out how it works yet either. The popular town-and-city game Welcome to Bloxburg seems to have solved this by simply checking for players going inside collidable bricks and kicking them as followed, but in Jailbreak the noclippers purposely turn off collisions with their avatar’s torso knowing there might be systems in place to detect them entering closed-off buildings if they hadn’t altered their collision properties.


  • A Badge named Smooth Criminal is a song from Michael Jackson with the same Title.
  • Meet The Devs Badge is false instead it was used for Ready Player One but they named it "Meet the devs" to hide it.


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