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Bakugan Launch Party was an event that started on September 6, 2021, and ended on September 16, 2021. The event was sponsored by Bakugan. The event was first announced by the official YouTube Bakugan account.[1]

On September 8, 2021, the event would exclusively showcase the second half of the third season of the Bakugan: Battle Planet anime show, and later on Netflix on September 15, 2021.[2]


Name Image Creator/Group
Official Bakugan Launch Party
Bakugan game thumbnail.png
BKG Development

Avatar shop items

Name Image Price
Bakugan - Scorching Swords
Bakugan - Scorching Swords.png
150 Robux
Bakugan - Crystal Blue Cape
Bakugan - Crystal Blue Cape.png
125 Robux
Bakugan - Dragonoid Wings
Bakugan - Dragonoid Wings.png
125 Robux
Bakugan - Trox Tail
Bakugan - Trox Tail.png
100 Robux
Bakugan - Crystal Blue Wig
Bakugan - Crystal Blue Wig.png
80 Robux
Bakugan - Drago Companion
Bakugan - Drago Companion.png
It can be obtained by joining the event game or by purchasing it for 100 Robux.