Type of Ban Description Image

Account Deletion/Termination (Permanent Ban)

The player's account is permanently banned from using Roblox. Users who attempt to view a terminated player profile will see Page cannot be found or no longer exists (a 404 error, formerly "The page you requested does not exist"). Serious or repeated violations of the Terms of Service and/or violation of federal law will immediately result in account deletion. Friends of a terminated user will see on their friends' page a darker square as opposed to the lighter squares.

It is believed by some people that this ban can last until 12/31/9999 (like a permanent Xbox Live ban) but has not yet been proven.

Though moderators are hesitant to give away account deletions as a punishment, if the account is new, has no value and is ultimately a throwaway account - especially if it was created in order to violate the rules, or be used for scams - they will most likely be hastier to delete the account.

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