Type of Ban Description Image
In-Game Bans In the game, bans are determined on the behaviour of the player within a game on the Roblox platform. This ban does not affect your abillity to play on another game or server by a different creator. These bans mostly do not interfere with account moderation actions. There are small chances the actions in the game before the ban may determine if the game moderator or creator will report the user to Roblox. These bans restrict an account to access a certain game. This also happens when an in-game admin (Kohl's Admin, HD Admin, Adonis Admin, etc.) types a command in chat such as ":ban PLAYERNAME", or ";ban PLAYERNAME". This only works in games with some kind of admin system. Main page: In-game ban. Note, the second image shows the old banning system.

The new in-game ban banner. Notice the reason was censored for example purposes.


The old in-game ban using the red banner

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