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This moderation action is similar to a reminder. It warns users to follow the Roblox Terms of Service., and the player cannot access the site until they agree to the terms of service. Prior to Roblox ceasing to issue reminders, warnings occured for slightly more serious violations of the Terms of Service or for repeated reminders. As of 2016 or 2017, this has replaced reminders, so the reminder offenses merged to the warning offenses.

It should be noted that warnings are no-longer considered moderation actions and does not impact a user's account standing. Since reminders are no longer issued, they are now considered 'notices of content removal'. They may also be given to players for other minor ToS violations.

A warning for unreadable text.

A warn for uploading content which is related to dating or shipping.

A warning for copyright.

A warning in 2020.

A warning in Korean but the moderator note is in English.

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