TopHat, the original mesh.

The Banded Top Hat series consists of many variations of classy Top Hat items that have different colored bands or are different colors themselves. The series started on May 30, 2007, when Purple Banded Top Hat was published onto the avatar shop, it is a very popular item to this day and inspired Roblox to make more copies with different colors. Some of these also have different colored bases, which follow a slightly different naming scheme. They are quite high in demand and have the high possibility to go limited if they aren't already. Currently, there are seven main Banded Top Hats in the series with exception to Tiny Top Hat and BIG: Purple Banded Top Hat. Two are Limited, three are on-sale, and two are off-sale. A myriad of other Banded Top Hats that are not part of the main series have also been published, many being collectibles.


Typically consists of a single color around most of the hat, with a special secondary color for the band.


Location Series begin Latest variation
Catalog May 30, 2007 April 13, 2018

Banded Top Hats

Colored Top Hats with White Bands

Other Banded Top Hats

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