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Roblox Battle Arena (2018) was a sponsored event on Roblox that started on May 15th and ended on May 29th. There are six prizes that can be obtained in three different games. There are also three different gears to purchase in the catalog for free. This event contains a grand prize (which can be obtained by collecting all six prizes before the conclusion of the event). The grand prize will be released on June 1st. Roblox Battle Arena 2018 is sponsored by A Star Wars Story with the phrase "TBA" posted.


Name Image Creator/Group
Ultimate Boxing
Ultimate Boxing ROBLOX Battle Arena 2018 Thumbnail
Nexus Development
Elemental Battlegrounds
Elemental Battlegrounds ROBLOX Battle Arena 2018 Thumbnail
Gamer Robot
Giant Survival 2!
Giant Survival 2! ROBLOX Battle Arena 2018 Thumbnail


Name Game Image Objective
The Unicorn Mace Ultimate Boxing
Battle Unicorn Mace
Hold the hill for one minute in the brand new King of the Sea round.
Solo Chewie Shirt Ultimate Boxing
Solo Chewie Shirt
Earn 5 achievements in-game.
Battle Crown Elemental Battlegrounds
Battle Crown
Talk to the wizard and complete his three quests. The first quest is to kill 5 players on the normal gamemode, the second quest is to kill 50 monsters on the brand new Survival gamemode; and lastly, the third quest is to find the three scrolls on the Light, Fire, and Water maps.
Solo Branded Backpack Elemental Battlegrounds
Solo Branded Backpack
Go on the Survival gamemode, and beat the monsters until you reach Wave 9, then defeat the boss.
Battle Backpack Giant Survival 2!
Battle Backpack
Become the last player alive on the brand new Last One Standing gamemode.
Sabacc Playing Cards Giant Survival 2!
Sabacc Playing Cards
Kill the giant before it destroys 50% of the map on the brand new Destruction Race gamemode.

Grand Prize

Name Image Objective
Millennium Falcon
Millennium Falcon
Get all event prizes within the deadline.

Catalog Items

Name Image Price
Solo Branded Cap
Solo Branded Cap
Han Solo's Dice
Han Solo’s Dice
Solo T-Shirt
Solo T-Shirt


The Roblox Battle Arena 2018 event has received some criticism from the community:

  • In Giant Survival 2', some players complain that the Battle Backpack is way too difficult to achieve, since the Last Person Standing round could take forever for someone being the final one alive, or that many new players not used to the game aren't very good at surviving from the other players. and if more than 1 person stays alive at the end of round you are not awarded with the item even if you live.
  • In Ultimate Boxing, some players also complain that The Unicorn Mace is way too difficult to achieve, since holding down the hill for one minute in the King of the Sea gamemode is extremely hard to do, since there are other players that will push you off from the hill, and the fact that players can also kill you with their lasers on their box, causing you to respawn all the way back to a spawn point, and having to back up to the hill again and kill the current person who is holding it.
  • There was also a rare glitch where when you do hold down King of the Sea for more than one minute will do nothing, and the Battle Mace won't appear in your inventory. While this glitch was extremely rare, it made it impossible to re-do it and try again.
  • In Elemental Battlegrounds, some players were camping on the quests in Elemental Battlegrounds, but others were upset, because they are trying to get the 3 elemental scrolls.
  • Many people have tried to purchase V.I.P. servers or Private Servers with a friend so they can take turns helping each other getting the difficult items.


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  • All three games have not been chosen in a Roblox event before, although the original Giant Survival was chosen for the Dragons: Race To The Edge event.
  • Only 4/6 prizes can be obtained on Mobile, because 1 of the 3 games are not supported on either platform.
    • Only 2/6 prizes on Xbox One.
  • This is the third annual Star Wars related sponsored event on Roblox, after ROBLOX Universe (2016) and Space Battle.
  • This was the second battle related event on Roblox, with the first being Battle Arena (2016).



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