Zombie Rush, formerly known as Zombie Tsunami, is a game made by Beacon Studio the owner of the group, is HomingBeacon. In the game, you spawn in the game's lobby, where you can spectate players that are in a round, or buy some stuff from the shop. When a round is about to start, you can vote for a map. When the round starts, you spawn with a group and it will start with "Wave 1." Your goal is to shoot all the zombies. Wave 1 will start off with weaker zombies. Then after more waves, the zombies that will spawn will get stronger and bigger. If you die, you can become a zombie or wait for that waves to go by and join the group again. You respawn every wave. The amount of zombies you need to kill each wave will gradually get bigger as the wave goes higher. If everybody dies, the round ends. Keep killing more zombies to level up, and you'll start to get new weapons!


Here is a list of every gun in Zombie Rush and how to get it.

Trigger = As fast as you can pull the trigger

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Information this page will include:

  • Weapon damage
  • Headshot damage
  • Firerate
  • Everything above for Secondary And Z-weapons

Primary weapons

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Gun Name Method of Obtaining Damage Fire Rate R.O.F Type
Pistol Level 1 Semi-Auto Trigger Pistol
Shotgun Level 5 Pump-Action Slow Shotgun
SMG Level 15 Automatic Very Fast SMG
AssaultRifle Level 20 Automatic Fast Assault Rifle
Sniper Level 30 Semi-Auto Very Slow Sniper Rifle
Bow Level 45 Bow Slow Bow
LaserPistol Level 55 Semi-Auto Medium Pistol
Laser Rifle Level 70 Automatic Fast Assault Rifle
Mars Blaster Level 80 Automatic Very Fast SMG
Space Pirate Gun Level 90


Medium Carbine
Party Rocker Level 100 Automatic Med-Fast SMG
Super Freeze Ray Level 125 Semi-Auto Trigger Carbine
Ghost Blaster Level 140 Semi-Auto Slow Shotgun
Laser Sniper Level 160 Semi-Auto Slow Sniper
Luger Level 175 Semi-Auto Trigger Pistol
Sterling Level 200 Automatic Very Fast Assault Rifle
Trench Gun Level 215 Semi-Auto Trigger Shotgun
M1 Garand Level 230 Semi-Auto Trigger Carbine
Ego Expander Level 245 Semi-Auto Very Slow Carbine
Laser Robot-Dance Gun Level 260 Automatic Fast Assault Rifle
Purple Laser Rifle Level 275 Automatic Fast Assault Rifle
Sviper Level 290 Semi-Auto Low Sniper Rifle
Pigs Boson Level 300 Semi-Auto Medium Carbine
Tarydium Pistol Level 333 Semi-Auto Trigger Pistol
Zapper Level 345 Semi-Auto Medium Shotgun
Tesla Electric Gun Level 360 Automatic Very Fast SMG
Shrink Ray Level 375 Semi-Auto Medium Pistol
Freeze Ray Level 400 Automatic Medium Assault Rifle
TX08 Level 420 Semi-Auto Medium Carbine
Atmos Blaster Level 450 Automatic Med.-Slow Assault Rifle
Lava Gun Level 475 Automatic Slow-Med. Shotgun
Alien Ray Gun Level 525 Automatic Very Fast SMG
Super Disruptor Level 550 Automatic Slow-Med. Shotgun
Pew Pew Gun Level 575 Automatic Med.-Slow Assault Rifle
Eclectic Rifle Level 600 Automatic Slow Sniper Rifle
Scatter Blaster Level 625 Semi-Auto Trigger Shotgun
Blast Gun Level 650 Semi-Auto Trigger Pistol
Hot Chocolate Gun Level 675 Semi-Auto Trigger Pistol
Heat Launcher Level 700 Semi-Auto Slow Rocket Launcher
Gatling Laser Level 725 Automatic Very Fast Minigun
Fire Blaster Level 750 Semi-Auto Slow Rocket Launcher
Ice Cannon Level 775 Automatic Med.-Slow Assault Rifle
Dark Matter Pistol Level 800 200 Semi-Auto Trigger Pistol
Flak Cannon Level 850 300-400 Automatic Slow Shotgun
Blue Minigun Level 900 200-300 Automatic Extremely Fast Minigun
Spitter Level 950 250 Automatic Fast Assault Rifle
Blow Dryer Level 1000 300-800 Automatic Above Average Shotgun
Revolver Primary Pack #1 Semi-Auto Trigger Pistol
Laser SMG Primary Pack #1 Automatic Very Fast SMG
Red Laser Primary Pack #1 Semi-Auto Slow-Med. Pistol
Flintlock Primary Pack #2 Semi-Auto Slow Pistol
Overseer Bow Primary Pack #2 Bow Slow Bow
Tri-Shot Primary Pack #2 Burst (3) Medium Assault Rifle
Stream Gun Primary Pack #3 Automatic Fast Assault Rifle
Blue Gun Primary Pack #3 Semi-Auto Slow-Med. Pistol
Green Phaser Primary Pack #3 Automatic Med-Fast Assault Rifle
IRPR Primary Pack #4 Semi-Auto Medium Pistol
Shock Rifle Primary Pack #4 Semi-Auto Very Slow Sniper Rifle
Stinger Minigun Primary Pack #4 Automatic Very Fast Minigun
Mystery Pistol Primary Pack #5 Semi-Auto Trigger Pistol
Mystery Shotgun Primary Pack #5 Pump-Action Slow-Med. Shotgun
Mystery SMG Primary Pack #5 Semi-Auto Very Fast SMG
Mystery Assault Rifle Primary Pack #5 Automatic Fast Assault Rifle
Cool Laser Gun Primary Pack #6 Automatic Extremely Fast SMG
Dance Ray Primary Pack #6 Automatic Fast Assault Rifle
Railgun Primary Pack #6 Semi-Auto Slow Railgun/Cannon
Rainbow Rhythm Revolvers Primary Pack #6 150 Automatic Fast Dual Pistol
Mystery Sniper MysterySniper Gamepass Bolt-Action? Slow-Med. Sniper Rifle

Secondary weapons

  • Wrench
  • Baton
  • Baseball Bat
  • Frying Pan
  • Hammer
  • Axe
  • Sword
  • Mace
  • Retro Sword
  • Chain Sword
  • Freezing Hammer
  • Buster Sword
  • Grim Axe
  • Overseer Hammer
  • Epic Blue Sword
  • Epic Red Sword
  • Board
  • Pickaxe
  • Rolling Pin
  • Regen Coil
  • Speed Coil
  • Orc Blade
  • Redcliff Sword
  • Wreck Axe
  • Venomshank
  • Illumina
  • Darkheart
  • Knight Sword
  • Periastron Tau
  • Dragon Sword
  • Necris Sword
  • Elec-Blade
  • Eternal Sword
  • Fang of Spiders
  • Beacon Studios Sword
  • Ban Hammer

Types of Zombies & Skeletons

There are different types of zombies in Zombie Rush, most are naturally spawned in-game, but players who have died can respawn as a zombie wielding a Z-Weapon. Players can only become certain types of zombies. Not all zombies mentioned below are available to play as a player zombie. The difference in damage is extremely small between variants of zombies. Brutes do a tad-bit more damage than their smaller counterparts. Skeletons are weaker versions of Zombies but can be strong during gameplay. There is Double XP, started in March 26th 2018.


Normal zombies are the weakest zombies in terms of strength and health. Relatively easy to kill, they are also numerous and very common in early waves, but as waves come and go, they are replaced by stronger and deadlier zombies, and more brutes. Their brute form is stronger, but not by much, and are only lethal to beginners usually. By themselves or groups of 2 to 5, they are easy to defeat, but as a swarm, Brutes can take a long time to kill, and in that time, they may be able to corner you. A normal zombie's skin is green and they wear plain brown pants and shirt. This is the default zombie you play when you play as a zombie.

Zombie Skeleton Brute
HP: 75 248 738
XP: 150 496 1476


These are weak as well, but a bit stronger than Normal Zombies. They are pretty uncommon throughout all the waves, but beginners may have a hard time with these and their brute form. Silver zombies are gray in color.

Silver Zombie Silver Brute
HP: 99 (x1.32) 1,151 (x1.46)
XP: 198 (x1.32) 2,302 (x1.46)


Still relatively weak, Golden Zombies are rarer than Silver or Normal but are still not a large threat to players who know their weaponry and tactics well. They can be easily destroyed even with starter weapons. Golden Zombies are gold and yellowish in color. There is also a Gold Skeleton. Gold Skeletons are no stronger and give no more reward than a Normal Skeleton.

Gold Zombie Gold Skeleton Gold Brute
HP: 198 (x2.64) 248 1,562 (x1.98)
XP: 396 (x2.64) 496 3,124 (x1.98)


These ones are even rarer than Silver. They deal less than moderate damage, but still can be lethal if you let them near you. They stand out with their red bodies and may seem tough when your beginner-mediocre leveled.

Ruby Zombie Ruby Brute
HP: 248 (x3.3) 1,726 (x2.19)
XP: 496 (x3.3) 3,452 (x2.19)


Sapphire zombies, not as rare as Ruby or Emerald zombies, and do not pose a threat as big as other high-tier zombies. These zombies are a deep shade of blue.

Sapphire Zombie Sapphire Brute
HP: 329 (x4.386) 1,973 (x2.44)
XP: 756 (x4.386) 3,946 (x2.44)


Emerald zombies have more health then Ruby and therefore pose a threat to players with low-tier weapons, such as the pistol. Their body parts are light and dark green and so they stand out, similar to the ruby zombies.

Emerald Zombie Emerald Brute
HP: 576 (x7.68) 2,382 (x3.02)
XP: 1,152 (x7.68) 4,764 (x3.02)


Diamond zombies are one of the toughest in the game, alongside Phantom. They are similar to silver zombies in term of color, therefore might be confused. Their body parts are bluer than the Silver Zombie but less blue than the Sapphire Zombie. They also have much more health than the silver zombies, meaning they are more of a threat to some players. Upon getting killed, they give more experience than normal zombies. There is also a Diamond Skeleton.

Diamond Zombie Diamond Skeleton Diamond Brute
HP: 823 (x10.97) 1,250 (x5.04) 2,794 (x3.54)
XP: 1646 (x10.97) 2,500 (x5.04) 5,588 (x3.54)


The Obsidian zombies are semi-rare black and dark grey zombies. They have a nice amount of health, and may pose a threat. Because of the dark coloring, they may be confused with Phantom zombies at first glance. This zombie can also be played as a player zombie, if you purchase it.

Obsidian Zombie Obsidian Brute
HP: 1,151 (x15.34) 3,287 (x4.17)
XP: 2,302 (x15.34) 6,574 (x4.17)


The Amethyst zombie is a pretty rare zombie in game They spawn rarely, and have a nice amount of health. Their brute can be seen somewhat uncommonly when they spawn, and they pose a threat to inexperienced players who made it the final waves. They can be easily distinguished from the crowd because of their blue body parts, and because of their head, which has a blueish-purple fire effect on it. These are my higher-priority targets, alongside the Phantom and Diamond zombies.

Amethyst Zombie Amethyst Brute
HP: 1,562 (x20.826)
4,930 (x6.256)
XP: 3,124 (x20.826)
9,860 (x6.256)


The Phantom zombie is the most powerful zombie in the game. These are relatively rare. Their brute is also not that rare. They give the player a large number of experience upon getting killed, therefore they are a top-priority target for skilled players. The Phantom zombie is also unique in appearance. Instead of the classic zombie face and two shade coloring, These zombies are completely black. For the face, they have no mouth but only two red eyes. Also, their whole body is slightly transparent, meaning they can get recognized from Obsidian zombies easily but can be confused with them at first sight. They emit a soft red glow. There is also a Phantom Skeleton.

Phantom Zombie Phantom Skeleton Phantom Brute
HP: 1,973 (x26.44) 2,500 (x10.08) 8,217 (x10.427)
XP: 3,946 (x26.44) 5,000 (x10.08) 16,434 (x10.427)

Player Zombie

Player zombies are players who have respawned in game as a zombie equipped with a weapon. The weapon depends on what level the player is, and what weapon the player has picked. Player zombies are much stronger because they have more health, and as you shoot them with your gun or hit them with your melee weapon, their health doesn't show. Their weapons, although melee, are also much stronger, one of the weapons is a gray large hammer that deals 45 damage, and is unlocked at a fairly low level. They're default appearance is a normal zombie without the nametag above their head, but they can become other exclusive zombies by buying them with ROBUX.