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Miner's Haven is a sandbox-based strategy tycoon game created by Berezaa Games™, currently developed by OutOfOrderFoxy and TalonMidnight.

On September 16, 2019, the game's files were officially released for others to use under the Apache 2 license.[1]

Core Gameplay

Upon logging in to a server, the player is presented with the option to join any players that happen to be in the server, or retreat to a private island on a separate server (the private island option is not present for VIP servers). Afterwards, five save slots are presented-- the player can select one to load. If a new game is started, the player spawns on their baseplate with $500 and an assortment of items. If desired, they can take part in the game's tutorial to learn the basic mechanics of the game. The primary goal of Miner's Haven is to design, construct, and execute a system of arranged machinery in order to produce the maximum quanitity of cash as possible. Such machinery pieces include:

  • Droppers, also known as Mines, spawn the ore onto the base. 
  • Conveyors, used to transport ore across the base.
  • Upgraders, which add value to the ore.
  • Furnaces, marking the end of an upgrader line and allows the ore to be processed into cash.

As the player advances through their first life, they come across various items in the shop that are locked behind Research Point (RP) requirements. RP is obtained through processing a certain number of ores through one furnace. Using specialized Research Center furnaces allow for a much larger RP yield. RP can also be obtained by scouting out and breaking open Research Crates, which in themselves come in their own varities. 



Rebirth is one of the core mechanics of the game. On the player's first life, they can choose to rebirth into their second life once they have amassed $25 Quintillion. While the baseplate is cleared and their inventory is wiped with the exception of some items, their RP and their premium currency, the player gains an all-powerful Reborn item. As the player ascends through the lives, they unlock increasingly powerful Reborn items. With a combined amount of a certain Reborn item, an NPC inside the Tower on the map can be interacted with, where players can evolve their Reborn item into a more powerful incarnation, known as Evolved Reborn items


Along with Rebirth, Sacrifice is a core mechanic. Once a player reaches Life 1,000, they are given the ability to perform "The Ultimate Sacrifice", giving up all their Reborn, most Premium, and Vintage items, while resetting the life count back to "s-1". Select premium items are kept in escrow until Life s-100, upon then everything is rewarded back. Upon executing the Sacrifice, the player gains The Ultimate Sacrifice upgrader, and unlocks the ability for Reborn Fusion and Advanced Evolution items to be crafted. 

"The Second Sacrifice" is very similar to the Ultimate Sacrifice, with a few differences-- players will lose their Ultimate Sacrifice upgrader and will not gain a replacement item immediately. The replacement item, The Final Upgrader, is rewarded at Life "S+10". In addition, Advanced Fusion items are now able to be crafted.

A new update will eventually bring the Third Sacrifice, which is a lot different than the first/second sacrifices.


In recent updates, Miner's Haven has gained lore, as told through excerpts from certain items. The True Book of Knowledge can be obtained at Life S+1,000 from a deity hidden on the map, and in the book, contains the lore behind Miner's Haven. That's not the only thing the Book is associated with-- in each deity entry, a set of items are listed. Each item is connected to an elemental Catalyst the player can obtain and use to craft an extremely powerful Superstitious item.

Mystery Boxes

If desired, the player can choose to press their luck with a Mystery Box. They can be obtained from Daily Gifts and Research Crates, as well as from an NPC hidden on the map who specializies in Mystery Boxes. 

Inside the box contains an array of Premium items, presented as a roulette. The item that lands on the roulette is the item the player will receive from the box. Sometimes, a very rare Vintage or a seasonal Exotic item may pop in-and-out of some boxes, and one of them might even end up in the player's hands.

There are 12 variants of Mystery Boxes, most of them with their own gimmick catering to one specific set of items. For example, the Luxury Box has a higher chance of unboxing Luxury items, while the limited-edition Birthday Box contains mostly items that have been involved in an Anniversary Event for the game.


Miner's Haven has been well received by critics. On the page, it holds an 83% approval rating.  In Maxxz's review, he noted that it was not a tycoon in a positive way, and the game was based on strategy. However, he did not the controls for rotating the item were awkward. He did not recommend the game to anyone who didn't love strategy games.

Miner's Haven is notable for its sizable community, home to skilled Roblox builders and artists. Most of the items featured in Miner's Haven are community-built.

The game is often criticized for its repetitiveness and poor optimization-- problems developers OutOfOrderFoxy and TalonMidnight have taken into account and have actively tried to remedy with recent updates. 


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