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Miner's Haven is a sandbox-based strategy tycoon game created by Berezaa Games™.

On September 16, 2019, the game's files were officially released for others to use under the Apache 2 license.[1]


Players start with $500, three iron droppers, ten basic conveyors, one large ore upgrader, an ore purifier machine, and one furnace. The goal is to build a system so that ore mined from the miners is transported into the furnace to gain cash. Players should gain money so that they can buy better equipment (droppers, upgraders, conveyors, and furnaces) to enhance their income and design around the tycoon. Not only do they have to worry about making money to upgrade their tycoon, but they also must earn research points (Player Points). These are earned when a certain amount of ores are fed into special furnaces called Research Centers. Many items need a certain amount of research points to be unlocked so the player can purchase it and add it to their complex mine system.

A player can't put infinite numbers of droppers, due to the ore limit and tycoon size. If it reaches the limit, some droppers will stop or only produce ore sometimes. The limit can be upgraded to be able to put more ores from the droppers onto the tycoon.


Mines generate ore at a fixed rate with a fixed value or value range. Some miners give a flat rate, while others, such as the Berezium Mine, can generate an ore worth anywhere between $50 and $200. Upgrading mines are just as important as upgrading other parts of the player's tycoon.

Remote droppers are a different type of mine that requires the player's full attention to gain the most out of. When a player places their first remote dropper, a walkie talkie with a green button will appear on the left edge of the screen. Clicking/tapping the button once will cause all placed remote droppers to drop one ore. Players can press the button slowly or quickly, giving better control over ore flow, and potentially allowing players to earn money faster than with regular, timed miners. If you prefer to take a more hands-on approach to Miner's Haven, remote droppers are for you. If you prefer a more hands-off approach and would prefer to sit back and watch your tycoon do its work for you, timed droppers would be a better idea.


Furnaces are what earn the player money. Ore delivered to a furnace is processed and turned into money for the player. There are two main types of furnaces: regular furnaces and cell furnaces.

Regular furnaces process ore at a fixed rate, and all furnaces but the Basic Furnace add additional value to the ore before rewarding the player with money. This addition of value is achieved through multiplication by the indicated value. For example, a furnace that quadruples (4x) value will multiply the value of the ore by 4 when it touches the furnace.

Cell furnaces only accept ore straight from mines (i.e. mine placed so mined ore drops directly into the cell furnace), but offer much greater multiplication values. For example, the Basic Furnace earns money at face value with no multiplication. Its equivalent tier cell furnace, the Cell Furnace, earns money with a 20x multiplication factor. Cell furnaces offer fast money in the early-game and mid-early-game at the cost of spending more money on furnaces since many cell furnaces can only accommodate 2 miners per furnace.


Upgraders vary greatly in size and function. Some upgraders upgrade ore at a fixed rate, while others add an element of randomness in their function. The store description of each upgrader does a good job of explaining each upgrader's function, and players should heed the information. Some upgraders will only upgrade an ore a limited number of times, or will not upgrade it past a certain value. This information can be used to create an ultra-efficient system that systematically upgrades ore to its greatest potential.

Schrodinger's Evaluator is an absolutely necessary endgame item for players aiming to reach rebirth, but one that used to be of great mystery. The evaluator can upgrade the ore by x2, x3, x5, change its value to $1 or $100M, explode the ore, or make it disappear. A long chain of Evaluators can generate ores of incredible value–sometimes over a sextillion (shortened to sx in-game) from a single ore if upgraded and collected correctly. The random but desirable nature of Schrodinger's Evaluator creates an interesting choice for players: placing more Evaluators can net more money per ore at the expense of time, and placing fewer Evaluators nets less money per ore, but at a more consistent rate. It's suggested through experience to use anywhere between ten and twenty Evaluators at once, in sequence.


Conveyors are the only reliable means of transporting ore from mines to furnaces and through upgraders along the way. A variety of different pieces are available, including ramps, corners, elevated pieces, and combination pieces, allowing the intersection of both raised and ground-level conveyors in the same tiles.

Since the provided corner pieces can only turn in one direction, players are often forced to create their own corners using conveyor pieces without walls. This generally works better than the provided corner pieces and does so in less space than the dedicated corner pieces.

Aesthetics and "Toys"

Aside from the essential items detailed above, players can decorate their tycoon with walls, special doors, statues, lights, trees, and even obtain various weaponry with which they can attack other players. They can also buy items to mess around with, such as soda machines.

Unobtainium Crystal (uC) Shop

The uC shop has items to fit your need to become the very best player there ever was, to having the most kawaii base in the miner's world, to being the most vicious miner to sail the miner's seas! Many of the removed game pass items have been moved to the uC shop, waiting to be purchased. Unobtainium Crystals are earned for opening your daily login present which will grant you 1 (or 10 if you're a premium member). It is also possible to buy them with ROBUX (Roblox mail currency) Or find crates that drop each night, containing 1-4 uC Crystals! You can find items such as weapons, decorations, scanners, miners, teleporters, and your very own zombie guardian!



Rebirth is only for the most dedicated and advanced players. In order to be reborn into a new life, the player must save up to $25Qn on their first life, with the price increases every five rebirths. Upon being reborn, players lose all bought items except for Premium items, Reborn items, and Vintage items. Their tycoon is cleared and their money is reset to the starting amount of $50. Players also retain their Research Points, meaning that players only need to unlock a tier of items one time, and they will be available for purchase thereafter.

Upon entering his or her second life (first rebirth), and any subsequent rebirth, the player is awarded a random Reborn-tier item out of a pool of eleven special items.

Rebirth-tier Items

Rebirth Items are some of the most powerful items in Miner's Haven. There are currently eleven. Exact statistics are not always available, so the information provided here is not exact, but close. (Note - One may get reborn items from crates at a low chance)

  • Nature's Grip: "A compact upgrader that increases the value of un-upgraded ores under $1,000 by x25,000 and ores over $1,000 by x200,000,000. Gives 10 points per 200 ore." Regarded as the most useful Rebirth-tier item, Nature's Grip is the player's biggest moneymaker. A useful but perhaps little-known fact about cell furnaces is that they allow ore that is not directly dropped into it to be processed, as long as the ore was not upgraded. Schrodinger's Evaluator upgrades ore's value, but used to not actually have any effect on the upgraded state of ore; that is, ore upgraded via an Evaluator or a chain of them used to be processed at x200,000,000 value even though it was upgraded. This is now patched. Ore Cannons are the best way of getting ore into the furnace, but walls must be placed around it to prevent the ore from flying away and hitting the ground and disappearing.
  • Quantum Ore Cleaner: "Has technology gone too far? Yes, yes it has. This hacked cleaner easily quadruples the value of ore that enters. Due to the scary nature of this machine, ore can only be upgraded once by it." This machine quadruples(4x) the value of ore.
  • Massive Diamond Mine: "Money buys happiness. That is a fact. This giant diamond mine proves that." The Massive Diamond Mine generates ore worth $200k each, approximately every ten seconds. When coupled with Nature's Grip, the player will earn $40T per ore. This is an excellent way for players who have been reborn numerous times to start their new life.
  • Frozen Justice: "A furnace that freezes over the very matter around it. Regularly accepts ore for 6x its value. Flaming ore is processed at 18x. Gives 5 points per 90 ore." Frozen Justice is the fourth-best furnace when flaming ore is delivered to it, with the Shrine of Penitence (1.4Q) close behind at 15x value for all ore, flaming or non-flaming.
  • Dreamer's Might: "The endless power of the human mind is one that often can't be explored. This strange furnace processes ore by subtracting $1T from the value of ore and then multiplying by 25... if anything is" The furnace gives a random amount of points from 1 to 20 per 100 ore. Pretty useless for the beginning stage, but useful for end-game.
  • Dreamer's Fright: "The dreamer's nightmare: the perfect creation - the end to creativity. The mind is powerless against its final creation. Subtracts research points and cash at random." Ores have their values changed by up to $10,000 in either direction, and they are processed at up to 45x.
  • Newtonium Mine: "A scary-looking mine that produces ore worth an incalculable amount of money. Doesn't work with cell furnaces for some reason." This mine is pretty useful for end game stage since its ore is the most valuable ore in the game. This is also helpful for the beginning stage.
  • Tesla Resetter: "An amazing machine that removes all status effects such as radioactive and flaming from ore and removes all tags, allowing it to go through limiting machines again. Can only be used once." This can be a very useful item in all stages of the game if used correctly.
  • Ore Illuminator: "A spooky upgrader that educates ores. It takes 5 seconds for ores to learn to become better, gaining a x5 boost. If their education is interrupted they are destroyed. Ores can normally only be educated once."
  • Flaming Schrodinger: "What's more uncertain than a Schrodinger? One that's on fire!!!?!?!?!?!?!!" Upgrades randomly, more proficiently than the Schrodinger. Sometimes ore explodes without being deleted or disappears.
  • Big Bad Blaster: "The big bad blaster is easily the biggest and baddest blaster in the world. It attaches to conveyors and triples the value of ore... most of the time." Like the portable flamethrower, it will triple the value of any ore, but does set it on fire. Has a chance of instantly blowing up the ore.
  • Industrial Firecrystal Mine: "An extremely hot mine that produces very valuable ore. Requires coal blocks to fuel." Very useful early game. Gives you quadrillions with Nature's Grip. Gives you Sx with Cell Particalizer
  • Lightningbolt Upgrader: "A powerful upgrade with no limits and potential for high upgrades. Requires power from clicks to operate" It is quite useful to loop setups, although after ore runs through the same upgrader twice it starts having chances of being deleted.
  • Big BerthaAn upgrader that does a whopping 12x on ore, and normally requires an ore cannon to have ore get into it.

Premium Items

Premium items bear the Premium image that is present above their names when placed. Premium items are obtained through Game Passes or via social media codes (see below). Premium items are kept through Rebirth and offer unique items for the player. Some are purely cosmetic, such as the Walls Pack, while others, notably the Rainbow Pack, provide incredibly useful items to help the player work towards rebirth.

The following are Premium Items:

  • Sacred Katana Stand (Ninja Pack) [1]
  • Ninja Diamond Mine (Ninja Pack) [6]
  • Industrial Rainbow Mine (Rainbow Pack) [2]
  • Rainbow Upgrader (Rainbow Pack) [3]
  • Orange Teleporter Sender (Teleport Pack) [6]
  • Orange Teleporter Receiver (Teleport Pack) [2]
  • Ruby Wall (Wall Pack) [10]
  • Diamond Wall (Wall Pack) [10]
  • Gold Wall (Wall Pack) [10]
  • Flintlock Table (Pirate Pack) [1]
  • Pirate Loot Collecter (Pirate Pack) [2]
  • Pirate Wall (Pirate Pack) [10]

These items are obtainable after July 10, 2015, only in the Unobtainium section of the shop, due to Packs being removed.

Rare Items

Rare items are items hard to get, even harder to find than reborns. These items are the strongest and one of the best in the game. They also have a special tier. For now, there are 3 tiers known.

These tiers are Vintage, Exotic and Collectible.

Vintage Items

Introduced on Miner's Haven release, these items are amongst the most powerful in the game. and by the looks of it. They are extremely rare with only a few players owning it. These items like Reborn/ Premium/ Code items are kept when being reborn.

Ol Faithful: An ancient mine that has been lost for hundreds of years. Drops ore that is worth $35 Million and doubles in size after 30 seconds, quadrupling the ore's value, no matter what it is at. Only Available via Mystery Box with a 1/10,000- 1/100,000 chance to obtain one.

Ore Encapsulator: "An Interestingly-shaped furnace that processes at +$10,000 and then x8 value. Does not produce Research points. Beta tester exclusive. Accepts direct ores on two sides, conveyor ore on one side." Beta Tester Exclusive.

Ore Quasar: Mentioned in Berezaa's Twitter page.  Supposedly acts as a regular pulsar, but does not need to "reload." It is blue and has a stone base.

Adowable Guardian: "Aww its an adowable undead guardian!!!! I bet it would never hurt a living thing :(" Like the undead guardian, this zombie will attack enemies, but if it touches enemies they will explode them, however, the zombie itself would not be harmed. Mentioned on berezaa's Twitter page.

Second Amendment: Like wall turret but better. As of 4/24/16, the Second Amendment was removed and if you still had it. You get rewarded with the Thingamajig vintage.

The Dreamcatcher:

  • This is based on the theme of Dreamcatcher which popped around the MHCI discord at the time.
  • Some people may consider it a Dreamers item, as it has trees and the word "dream" in its name, similar to the other Dreamers items.
  • The Dreamcatcher was used as the game's thumbnail when the Skipped Life Update was released on 03/31/2017.
  • The Dreamcatcher is one of the few items that have the unique ability to upgrade ores in addition to their main purpose. Another item with this special ability is the Spooklord-95,000 (which occasionally summons ghosts that upgrade ores upon touch, including its own).
  • The Dreamcatcher is one of the 5 items that give sparkles to ore. The other 4 being Schrodinger EvaluatorFlaming Schrodinger EvaluatorGate of Eclipse, and Aether Schrodinger.
  • The Dreamcatcher has a similar name to The Dream-maker

Exotic items

These items are even rarer than Vintage items. Released on September 10, they are only available from boxes or the Headless Horseman. These items are also kept upon rebirthing.

Spookmaster-5000: "An ancient mine quite literally haunted by the ghosts of the people it's killed. No one has ever seen this mine's ore and lived to tell the tale." Seen on Berezaa's Twitter page.

Haunted Infuser: Increases speed by 8 at the cost of 25 health.

Kappa Investor: A very rare furnace found in every box rarely only with a twitch coin. Ore Values go 0.5% value, normal value 2x value, 4x value, 8x value, 16x value, 32x value and 64x value. Once been to 64x, the furnace will go back to 0.5% value.

Collectible items

Collectible items released on 17 October (for now collectibles are available only through Halloween update).

Jack-o-Lantern: "The union of magic and pumpkin create this unique lighting source. It is very rare." - A pumpkin lighting source available only through Halloween event.

Spooky Research Center: Upgrades the ore x3, produces 10 RP for every 30 ore. (Available via Headless Horseman.)

Spooky Triple Coal Mine: Just a triple coal mine edited for Halloween. (Available only through Halloween event.)

Spooky Security Gate: The same as a normal security gate, but it's edited for Halloween. (Available only through Halloween event.)

Headless Horseman

Headless Horseman is a UCP added at first Halloween Update (10.10.2015).

At the first Halloween Update, he only said to you: "I have nothing to say to you."

At the second Halloween Update (17.10.2015) he started selling items, also then he already said instead of: "I have nothing to say to you." - "Come closer, let us make a deal."

The following items he sold (selling):

1. Headless Horseman (A statue of himself): That says: "I have nothing to say to you." - From 50uC to 200uC

2. Exotic Haunted Infuser - From 600uC to 1200uC

3. Collectible Spooky Research Center - From $500Ud to $2DD

4. Inferno Box - 20R$

Inferno Box

Inferno Box is a box that is able to only during special events (until now only through Halloween), it can be opened with 10 uC (like an unreal box), the cost of the box is 20R$ and it's like an unreal box but has more chance for a vintage/exotic.


Miner's Haven has been well received by critics. On the page, it holds an 87% approval rating.  In Maxxz's review, he noted that it was not a tycoon in a positive way, and the game was based on strategy. However, he did not the controls for rotating the item were awkward. He did not recommend the game to anyone who didn't love strategy games.

The game once saw a dramatic decline in popularity due to a lack of updates, during this point users who play the place were mostly experienced veterans. However, the game has since risen in popularity again thanks to a sponsored event and more frequent updates.

Social Media Codes

Berezaa will occasionally release special codes through social media platforms that players can redeem one-time in-game via the Inventory (E to open; text box for codes is in the bottom right corner). Codes may be released on Twitter ([1] on Twitter) and on berezaa's Twitch channel ([]). Redeemed items are placed in the inventory when the code is redeemed.


There are a few bugs in the game.

  • There is a duplication bug. (Now has been fixed all 3 or 5)
  • On occasion, upon leaving the game and reentering, your game will seem to revert to a previous save. and you will lose some random items. (Fixed)
  • You can sell vintages and collectibles. (Fixed)
  • There is a free shout bug. (Fixed)
  • Sometimes players will start with their ore limit maxed and cannot upgrade it
  • If ore is on a conveyor at some point it will explode (Unknown if it was fixed or not)

Unobtainable Items

  • Twitch-Powered Upgrader and the 15 Ancient Conveyors are from codes.
  • Twitch-Powered Upgrader: "An upgrader that uses the magical power of berezaa's twitch to upgrade ores by 60%. Can only upgrade ores once."
  • 15 Ancient Conveyors: "Has walls and is faster than regular conveyors."
  • Collectibles and Exotics are also unavailable. (When the event is done or the next month when an update comes out)


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