Best Summer Camp Ever was a contest held between August 16, 2010, and August 23, 2010. The objective was to build the summer camp of your dreams. [1]


Highest Rated Places



brblolkk 2039
WarPotato 2038
Firefalcon48 2030
JediNica 2018
n00bnut 2017

Most Accurate Voters


Voting Accuracy

superdudeA 99%
Arus51 99%
JailLord 99%
amazingr0bl0x 99%
Nymia 99%


Name Image Objective
Day Camper Day Camper.png Awarded by getting a rating of 1,450 or higher.
Camp ROBLOX Commando Camp ROBLOX Commando.png Awarded by getting a rating of 1,650 or higher.
Jr. Camp Counselor Jr. Camp Counselor.png Awarded by getting a rating of 1,850 or higher.
RoScout RoScout.png Awarded by having a voting accuracy of 90% or higher.


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