The Bighead series consists of enlarged heads that pretend to oversize the normal character head. These are among the most favored classics on Roblox, most specifically the Bighead and BiggerHead for their originality and are often brought back during catalog sales. Due to their tremendous popularity, a new version of accessories were created to fit these heads. They consist of normal hats taken from the catalog and increasing their size to be sold for a higher Robux price (with exception to BIG: Narwhal Horn), as well as listing them to be classified as "BIG" items. In order to utilize the full potential of these hats, a user must combine them with the classic Bighead from their otherwise frivolous appearance, since they fit exactly onto the head. Although they can be worn on any variation, the BiggerHead is an exception to having no peculiar hats for it to wear with. As of September 5, 2019, twelve BIG accessories and three Bighead variants exist.

Original Hats

These are a list of the former accessories used to form a bigger version of them as part of this series:


Release History

Initial release Most recent release Status
July 2, 2007 September 5, 2019 Active


Note: The BiggestHead is not an original retexture created by ROBLOX, instead it is a user generated hat published by a former-admin.

BIG accessories

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