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Escape the Darkness was a ROBLOX Survival Horror experience that was developed by Bitware Games. The objective of the game was for the Killer to stop all the survivors from escaping.


At the start of the game, players were given one of two roles: Survivor or Killer. As a Survivor, the player must escape the Killer by completing three tasks. These tasks included fixing electrical generators, refueling gas tanks, and repairing fuse boxes. Once all three tasks were completed, the Survivors could escape to the bunker. If all living Survivors escaped to the bunker or the Killer eliminates all remaining Survivors, the round restarts, and players are given a 30-second intermission. Players who entered the server midround could join as a Survivor, even if the round was ongoing.

Players could buy different Survivor and Killer Classes in the in-game store during intermission or in between rounds. During gameplay, players obtained Shards to spend in the store. Players could level up their classes and earn roles to unlock more powerful perks and improve upon their original perks. Players could also purchase Shards and XP Boosters through the payment of Robux. The Lore Archive for in-game lore and the Perks Shop for different classes were also accessible in the lobby.

Survivor Classes[]

As of March 2nd, 2023, there are currently seven survivor classes, discounting the basic survivor class. Each class has its own theme, but usually have a particular role to play during rounds. Every time a class reaches Level 20, 25 or 30, one of the perks of that class can be used in others, allowing for new and interesting gameplay styles. Level 40 is the max level a player can reach on any Survivor class, but they can still receive rolls for that class as if they leveled up.

Survivor Classes and Roles[]

Class Specialization
No Class Can heal others, no special abilities.
Medic Medical support and healing allies.
Engineer Quick task completion and barricade fortification.
Scout Recon and general support.
Ninja Stealth and trickery.
Athlete Quick escape and speed.
Enforcer Increased awareness and freeing trapped survivors.
Handyman Quick task completion and door repair.


As of March 2nd, 2023, there are currently four types of Killers in the game. Like Survivor classes, Killer classes can equip one of the perks of a class that reaches Level 20, 25, and 30. Level 40 is the max level a player can reach on any Killer class, but they can still receive rolls for that class as if they leveled up. All Killer classes are equipped with two special abilities they can use to mow down Survivors.

Killer Classes and Abilities[]

Name Role Abilities Difficulty
The Butcher The Butcher is the basic killer all players receive their first time playing the game - for this reason, it is the easiest and simplest killer for players to use. However, skilled players can use this killer to stall loopers and slow down Survivors who tend to use Vaults.
  • Intimidation: Its Intimidation ability lets out a loud, audible roar that reveals all players' locations (shown as heartbeats) for 15 seconds. Intimidation has a cooldown of 60 seconds.
  • Bear Traps (7): The Butcher also has seven Bear Traps to trap survivors and stall looping. If a survivor is trapped, they become injured and cannot move. However, each time they "struggle," they have a small chance of breaking free of the trap. Placing Bear Traps has a cooldown of 10 seconds.
The Dream Demon The Dream Demon is classified as a medium-difficulty killer, meaning it requires some skill to play compared to the Butcher. This class specializes in stalling strategies such as slowing down Survivor movement and barrier creation.

*Players do not often play this killer due to its generally weaker killer abilities, but Dream Demon has many useful perks. More importantly, its abilities can be leveraged in the hands of more experienced players.

  • Dream Siphon: The Dream Demon can use Dream Siphon while looking at a survivor. This ability siphons their dreams, building up an individual survivor's insanity meter. When a survivor reaches full insanity, they receive a Paranoid debuff for 45 seconds. Being Paranoid significantly decreases visibility radius and causes the survivor to see fake hallucinations of the Killer. This makes it easier for the Dream Demon to kill survivors and hinder task completion.
  • Dream Purge: The Dream Demon can use Dream Purge, which allows the Killer to inflict paranoia instantly amongst all survivors within range. Every time a Survivor is downed, the Dream Demon receives a token. Each token increases the range of infliction by 30 studs. This ability has a 90-second cooldown.
The Scarecrow The Scarecrow is classified as the hardest killer, meaning that Survivors tend to have a tough time playing against the Scarecrow. It has a wider array of movement options and can pressure survivors at a near-constant rate.
  • Dark Shift: When a player chooses the Scarecrow class, straw scarecrows (called Scarecrow Stands) spawn around the map at key points. As the Killer, the Scarecrow can activate Dark Shift while looking at an available Scarecrow Stand to use the ability to possess the statue. While in Dark Shift, the killer turns invisible and can shift to other available Scarecrow Stands, seeing where Survivors are located around the map.
  • Ambush: While in Dark Shift, the Scarecrow can use Ambush. This ability allows the killer to take control of the Scarecrow Stand - essentially teleporting in the place of the Stand. Afterward, that specific Scarecrow Stand can no longer be used. If a survivor is too close to the stand while the Scarecrow uses Ambush, they will take one hit of damage. After Ambushing, Dark Shift goes on cooldown for 25 seconds.
The Toxicologist The Toxicologist is one of the tougher killer classes to use, but it is also difficult for survivors to overcome. This class specializes in Task control and camping individual objectives. Add abilities here... Medium