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Trick or Treat! is a survival Horror experience that was developed by Bitware Games. The goal of the game is to get a certain amount candies before the gates open in a round.


When a round starts, the goal is to get at least 25 candy before the gates open. Players can obtain candy by either going to houses or breaking a pumpkin. Once a player goes through the gate, the amount of candies they collected will give them XP in-game as well as keep the candy they originally obtained. Players can also buy the candies with Robux, as well as buy cosmetics with Candies at the Store such as Killers, Knives, Candy Bags and Crates.


Candy bags[]

Name Cost
Default 0 Candy
Ghost Bag 50 Candy
Pumpkin Bucket 250 Candy
Monster Bag 300 Candy
Epic Bag 600 Candy
Christmas Bag 800 Candy
Extra-Big Bag 1,350 Candy
Worm Backpack 2,500 Candy
Kitty Backpack 3,000 Candy
New Backpack 5,000 Candy
Military Backpack 8,000 Candy
Travelers Backpack 10,000 Candy
Dragon Backpack 12,000 Candy
Space Backpack 15,000 Candy


Name Cost
Default 0 Candy
Candy Red 200 Candy
Frost Blue 250 Candy
Sharp Pink 350 Candy
Striped Surprise 500 Candy
Camping Season 650 Candy
Cookin' Dogs 700 Candy
Red Camo 750 Candy
White Camo 750 Candy
Green Camo 750 Candy
Crowbar 850 Candy
Red Claw 1,000 Candy
Pink Venom Claw 1,250 Candy
Golden Claw 1,500 Candy
Rustic Bat 1,750 Candy
Venom Claw 2,000 Candy
Rock Candy 2,100 Candy
Rock Candy Green 2,500 Candy
Rock Candy Red 2,500 Candy
Rock Candy Blue 2,500 Candy
Butchers Knife 4,500 Candy
Magma Blade 5,000 Candy
Cyber Blade 12,500 Candy


Name Cost
Default 0 Candy
The Hillybilly 1,000 Candy
The Straggler 1,500 Candy
The Creature 2,000 Candy
The Inmate 2,500 Candy
The Nightmare 4,000 Candy
The Killer Bee 5,500 Candy
The Snowman 6,500 Candy
The Killer Clown 8,000 Candy
The Blob 10,000 Candy
The ALien 12,500 Candy
The Vampire 15,000 Candy
The Demon 20,000 Candy
The Black Cat 25,000 Candy


Name Cost
100 Candies 25 Robux
250 Candies 50 Robux
500 Candies 100 Robux
1,000 Candies 175 Robux
1,500 Candies 250 Robux
2,000 Candies 350 Robux
3,000 Candies 500 Robux
5,000 Candies 800 Robux


Name Cost
Uncommon Crate 50 Robux
Rare Crate 100 Robux
Legendary Crate 200 Robux
Platinum Crate 450 Robux
Killer Crate 799 Robux