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The Black Friday 2019 sale was a special sale on Roblox, preceded by Labor Day 2019. Its purpose was to celebrate the federal holiday known as Black Friday. It took place in the avatar shop from November 29, 2019, to December 2, 2019. An abundance of accessories in the avatar shop were released throughout the sale substantially or individually in so-called 'waves' each subsequent hour. This was the last major sale Roblox had ever done.



A few days before Black Friday, some fall-themed accessories were discounted, two were brought on-sale, and a former event item went on-sale:

Day 1 (Black Friday)

Wave 1

To start off the sale, a new Immortal Sword was released:

Wave 2

To end the day, a new Crystal Circlet was released:

Day 2

Wave 1

To start the day, a new Valkyrie Helm was released:

Wave 2

To end the day, a new Domino Crown was released:

Day 3

Wave 1

Two new Federation crowns were released:

Day 4 (Cyber Monday)

Wave 1

To end the sale, a new Federation neck accessory was released:

User generated discounts

This is a list of UGC accessories which were discounted as a part of the entire sale. Take note these price reductions were decided by the users who created the hat. In result of these decreased prices, the many selected creators have chosen to highly telegraph their sale through changing the item's name to showcase a better purchase (e.g. 50% OFF SALE) and gain traction of the market. These are all rounded approximations of the percent reduction applied to the Robux price. It is assumed they were all updated to participate in this sale on the same day, meaning this is not listed chronologically.

Pre-sale discounts

Many UGC items created by Yourius were discounted to be 50% off:

70% - 75% off

51% - 69% off

41% - 50% off

31% - 40% off

0.01% - 30% off


This sale was criticized by many users for being heavily underwhelming due to essentially only offering expensive items, as well as there being a lack of items in general. Some believed that Roblox was trying to promote UGC accessories by publishing less official items for the sale in order to draw more attention to UGC discounts. Contempt for the sale can be seen in replies to tweets posted on their Twitter account around the time of the sale.


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  • Every official item sold during the sale became limited after their timers expired.
    • This may be part of a pattern with new variants of popular series, as a few weeks earlier the Dominus Formidulosus also became limited shortly after its timer expired.
  • 4 days before the sale began, Roblox posted an official description of the sale to the Microsoft Store version of the Roblox app.[1]