Black Hawk Brigade, or BHB for short, is an Old Animation Sword clan reaching 17,000 members, 15+ attending training and reaching almost every top 5 sword fighting list. BHB is 5 years old created in early 2013 by Channy97 (now xXFierceHawkXx) after the fall of The Raven Empire. The fall of TRE was caused by KodakKid3. His leadership of TRE caused the HR's rebellion, and Channy97 was forced into action; thus creating BHB.

Right from the start, the great leaders of TRE joined and lead it into great days. As more HRs joined, BHB acquired such a legendary Hi-Com that they flourished gaining 100s of members a week, and becoming the super clan it is today.

Soon after BHB was made; xXFierceHawkXx had come to the end of his days on Roblox, and the leadership of BHB was passed down to DefeatedInsanity who lead BHB through the Dark Ages. Soon enough after following xXFierceHawkXx's lead, DefeatedInsanity quit roblox and passed BHB onto Ertyhgfd6 (now ERTYYYwashere). Erty quickly got into trouble with hacking so he gave BHB to NoobishIdiots (now RahhhCrushed) with the promise to take BHB back. As the weeks followed after the incident Erty never returned, so BHB fell into the leadership of CrushedInsanity. Months after receiving BHB, CrushedInsanity was preoccupied and gave the group to iConsious (now IndigoHawk). After returning, Indigo and Crushed were scammed and lost BHB for a week, then tricked the scammer into giving it back to them. After becoming inactive Crushed gave it to Xonerate who Crushed thought would lead the group but Xonerate decided to sell the group to today's current leaders.

BHB is now under the leadership of Obscenia and Transcendium. Their Councilium is made up of their top members such as Baronshadow, Kryina, Sekrove, 1shot56kills, XDClarke, and Fyraxis.

They have defeated several groups with few losses and are named among the top ten in the Sword Clan Community's world. Thanks to the great leadership provided by the HRs, and the energy from the Veteran and Skilled members; BHB will only continue to rise from the ashes and shine to create a brighter future. Long live the golden age, and (Hail) Viva la Brigade!

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