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The content of this article does not stem from a direct Roblox creation, but has arisen out of the Roblox community itself. Regardless, the subject of this article now seats itself as a notable part of the community's culture.

Blame john

A image relating to the "Blame John" phrase, featuring the avatar of Shedletsky.

"Blame John" is a popular phrase in Roblox that became a fairly common saying after the release of the hat and gear, Blame John Tie and Protest Sign: Blame John, in 2010 after its original emergence as a phrase on the forums.

The 'John' in the saying refers to Shedletsky, the creative director of Roblox at the time.

Origin and spread

The original creator of this phrase, Stravant, reported the trend had originated from an out of context quote by him in a forum thread.[1]

The saying "Blame John" seems to have came from a meaning that Shedletsky potentially has some godly control over the website and can carelessly wreck any sort of havoc on the website. As such, the saying was often used to jokingly place blame on Shedletsky when anything goes off course, and particularly when a mismanaged or unpopular Roblox feature releases on the website, client, or development studio.

The Shedletsky Roblox figure appears to be wearing a "Blame John" shirt.


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